Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Favorites | Halloween

Friday means one thing around these parts....massive link party!


But first,
This is as scary as I get! lol!

Orange nails :)
Perfect for Halloween & cheering on my favorite football team!
It is Ruffian in Fox Hunt.

Speaking of orange, I started picking out our outfits for our upcoming family photos.
Here is my inspiration photo
I just love the combination of orange and gray with some brown or black mixed in!

I found this recipe for Steak Bites by The Pioneer Woman on Pinterest last month and couldn't wait to try it. 
It is beyond easy!
And tastes amazing! Yes, that is probably due to the fact you are cooking steak in butter but who cares!
Workout a little harder that day! lol!
I actually just buy one steak and cut it into pieces for Mic and I to share.
I  love the fact that I am getting some protein without overeating.
You need to try this. You will thank me :)
I served mine with a side of vegetables - green beans or edamame.

Tomorrow is November 1st!
I am so excited for this weekend because we are putting up our Christmas decor!
Mic and I started what is now a tradition 3 years ago decorating our house and putting up our Christmas trees. 
I was due with X in early December that year and we had no clue what to expect - would I go early/late/Thanksgiving weekend/etc.
So to make things easier on ourselves we took down our Fall decor on the 1st of November and put up all things Christmas!
We fell in love with the coziness and being able to truly enjoy our decor and the season.
The following year X had a Winter "One"derland theme for his birthday (December 5th) so it was perfect.
Each year has been more fun than the next!
A few of our trees from last year - L to R - S'mores, Family, Snowflakes.

X went trick-or-treating for the first time!
Following along with the #BLOGTOBER14 prompt,
here he is in his Michelangelo costume :)
He might just be the cutest turtle I have ever seen :)
Hero's in a half shell, Turtle Power!
Yes, I know every word to the old theme song and almost every word of the new version.
We watch it A.LOT!

Helene in Between Blogtober

That is all for today folks!
I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!


  1. Oh my goodness you just got me all excited about Christmas! I think Nov 1st might be a little too early for us, but I'm sure as Thanksgiving gets closer we will start to decorate! I can't wait!!!! It's the most fun time of year to decorate. :)

  2. Those steak bites sound delish! Definitely trying that recipe asap. And I love your attitude, I'm the same way! Work out a little harder instead of feeling guilt over food :)
    Ah! Christmas decor! I LOVE that idea! Christmas decor is so dear to my heart as I was due with Mia in December as well! I day dreamed about pulling out the decor my whole pregnancy and it was the best feeling when we finally did! I only wish Eric would let me pull out the decor now! The month of December always flies by too quickly.... it's not long enough to enjoy the decor!

  3. oh girl....I love the inspiration for your family pictures!! seriously in love! oh and Christmas up this weekend?? You are my kinda gal!! :)

  4. Look forward to seeing your family photos! We have ours this week and I am hoping my little dude will be a happy baby! Stopping by from the link up.

  5. Your little ones costume is so cute!! Love it! And loving your orange nails. I'm so excited to decorate for Christmas! You have fun!!

  6. How cute is your son in that Ninja Turtle costume?! And my husband and I are currently trying to figure out our Christmas decorating tradition/i.e. when do we put it up (the middle of November or the start of December)! Happy Halloween!!

  7. Can I just say...I LOVE that you put up the Christmas Decorations on Nov. 1st!! And your little X is just the CUTEST!! Have a great weekend!!

  8. I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner! I love decorating the tree! Yours look great!


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