Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#BLOGTOBER14 & Pinspired!

Eek! It is the 1st day of October!!!
I just love this month!

This month I am hoping to keep up joining Taylor & Helene for
Helene in Between

Of course I am going to keep up with my normal daily/weekly/monthly link ups as well!
Get ready for a super fun month!

If you want to join the fun, here are the #BLOGTOBER14 topics for each day :)

Now let's get started!

If you won the lottery you'd...

I assume this question means I hit the big time money, not just a few hundred or thousand dollars.
I would probably do the right thing first by paying off all debt.
Then my friend, I would have some fun!

I would buy some land and build our dream home.

I would take vacations to Hawaii & Disney World.

I would purchase a new vehicle - think Range Rover or Mercedes Benz G Wagon.

We would plan trips to visit all of the Auto Shows all over the world - we like cars :)

And last, but certainly not least....I would buy season tickets, first row on the 50 yard line for my Cleveland Browns!

What would you do if you won the lottery?

And now it is time for every blogger & reader's favorite post of the month...


I saw this image on Pinterest awhile ago and knew that I would be recreating once the temps dropped in Ohio.
source unknown

Imagine my surprise when I go to read this post by Sheaffer :)
Other than a mustard item, I was rockin' a super similar outfit!
I'd like to say great minds think alike here ;)
Military jacket sold out - similar
Blue gingham shirt sold out - similar
Vigoss jeans sold out - similar
Leopard flats - here

I loved this look!
Now I am totally thinking I need to add the mustard to the mix :)

What do you think?


  1. you look adorable!! love it. and i'd definitely travel ALLLLLL over!

  2. Um hi- invite me with your season tickets when this happens :) haha! And adorable outfit!!

  3. Right there with you girl! Pay off the debt, travel anywhere I want-- and I'd probably buy a SUITE for my family/friends for the Bengals!!

  4. Ok you're right, I would TOTALLY go back to Hawaii! Love that place. And you're a girl after my own heart with that Range Rover wish...I'm loving this linkup! :)

  5. YESS, getting your own land and building is actually brilliant!

    found you through the #blogtober14 challenge! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts! :)


  6. Your outfit is too cute! I would buy a huge plot of land and build our dream home too :D

  7. I'd probably buy a Taco Bell for Hawkeye. Cut out the middle man ;)

  8. HOW CUTE ARE YOU?!? Yes...great minds think alike!!!!!!! Love it!!!!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Sheaffer :)

  9. LOVE your outfit!!!! SO cute! You nailed it! Thanks for linking up with us!!

  10. You look amazing. I love that you'd get season tickets. Sometimes it's the little things.


  11. Love your pinspired look!!! You always nail it! :) Have a great weekend!