Friday, October 17, 2014

Favorites Friday & Expert V

This watching X during the week stuff is crazy!
I swear I literally just wrote my weekend recap and here we are back to my Friday Favorites!
Who cares! I will take it!

Linking up on this Fall Friday with the lovely ladies below.

We are going to rewind to Sunday because it was honestly an amazing day!
Brian Hoyer and my boys (the Cleveland Browns in case you are new around here) dominated the Steelers in a 31-10 victory!
What made that sweet victory even better?
I was at the game!!!!

I am caught up on laundry!!!
I know that is pathetic that this is one of my favorites, but it is true!
Mic and I are working and handling the business all the time, running here and there on the weekends, etc.
Laundry just never seems to get done unless we need something :(
That is changing my friends!
Every last pair of socks, towel, etc. is now clean!
I am going to work hard to just do a load a night or at least, have a designated night for towels, sheets, etc.
I really feel like a "load" has been lifted off my shoulders ;)

I had another fun day with X running errands and watching Paw Patrol (his new obsession this week).
We actually went to Target and Hobby Lobby in the same day!!!!
And HL has all kinds of Christmas stuff out :)
I was in heaven, but held off from purchasing any of it (yet)!
All in all, it was a pretty close to perfect day with my little guy :)

The graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate have all been purchased.
This weekend is our S'mores Party with our (expanded) small group!
Recap & recipes coming next week :)
Oh, and we are having a little scarf exchange as well!

I started this post and will be ending this post with football.
Fingers crossed the Browns schedule looks pretty hopeful for the next few weeks. 
I am pumped to watch my boys on Sunday!
I will love them win or lose, but boy does winning feel good! :)
Let's Go Browns!!!!


What am I an expert about?

I mentioned before as a kid I LOVED math!
Really anything using numbers was fun to me.
I also have a pretty stellar memory - I get quite a few complements for it.
Add a fondness for numbers + A great memory = 
You get someone who remembers way too many phone numbers, birth dates, anniversaries, addresses, account numbers, etc.

Now that Facebook and the like are around reminding you every moment of the day when it is some one's birthday, my expertise isn't needed or noticed as much.
But prior to the internet and such I would amaze peeps with my ability to not only tell them their birth date, anniversary, phone number, and address...
but I could also then remember exactly what they were wearing the first time we met, what we ate or were doing, and what we talked about! Crazy! many of your friends know you & your husband's birthdays, anniversary, and all of your kid's birthdays?

When I worked at a bank for a little while I could see a customer walk in and immediately have their account number in my head!
Numbers and useless details are apparently my thing. lol!

So what do you claim to be an expert in?
I hope it is something more useful than mine! :)

Helene in Between Blogtober

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh my gosh, you have such an amazing memory. I swear my brain just gave up after having my daughter. haha! If I don't write something down then it gets forgotten.

  2. YAY for football and no laundry! We don't have a Hobby Lobby but I did notice the Christmas section at Target but didn't even go near that area. One season at a time!
    Stopping by from Friday Favorites!

  3. I'm so sad Hobby Lobby is so far away. I LOVE that store!

  4. Oh wow! Love that you remember so well! I'm like the exact opposite !


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