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Monday, March 25, 2019

Hello! My name is Vanessa and I have a problem.
I love ordering from Amazon ;)
I order anything from books to vitamins,
from clothes to toys,
and so much more!
They literally offer everything!

Some of my favorite Amazon finds are the workout attire they offer.
The Amazon Essentials brand is nice quality and the prices can't be beat!

The sports bras are great for Yoga or more light impact activities.
They come in multiple colors and are 2 for $20!
The racerback tanks also come in a 2 pack and are only $18!
They are super lightweight, run true to size, and also come in a variety of color options.
I love capri workout leggings and these are a great fit for just $20.
They come in 7 colors and they are not see through ;)

What items do you order from Amazon?

My other favorite store to order online from is J.Crew Factory!
This is wear I get almost all of my shorts.
They fit well, and hold up really well!
I have had mine for years and they still look and fit just like when I purchased them.

I have them in multiple colors too!
The orange ones are one of my favorite pairs, but they come in more subtle shades as well.
They also come in a few different inseams, so if you are thinking the ones above are a bit too short they have longer ones to keep you covered ;)
Check out all the shorts they offer here.
Today they have a 24 Hour Flash Sale going on!
Things are 50% and then an additional 20% (including clearance) with code EXTRAEXTRA.
It's the perfect time to stock up!

Have you ordered from J.Crew Factory before?

Neither of these sites know of me, so there is no kickback to me for promoting Amazon or J.Crew Factory.
I just love them :)

What are some of your favorite places to shop online?

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Thanks for stopping by today!

XOXO ~ Vanessa

The Friday Faves #12

Friday, March 22, 2019

Happy Friday!
This week has been fairly uneventful in our world...which isn't a bad thing!
So today I am just sharing some of my favorites from the blog world :)

In case you missed it, here is what I featured on my blog this week...

Monday I linked up with my Blended Bloggers and shared two ladies that I always turn to when I need make-up or hair help...which is a lot!
Trust me, you want to follow them!

Wednesday was all about being Green!
I share some fun green accessories perfect for Spring.

And I shared some super cute green clothing items over on The Blended Blog :)

 A great Disney DVD Giveway for you!
Head here to enter to win a copy of Kim Possible or Mary Poppins Returns :)

And one more thing before I share some of my favorite ladies...
If you haven't tried TULA skincare you are missing out!

It is amazing!
And perfect for sensitive skin (which is what I have).
Want to give it a try?
Click here to score 20% off your first order on their site!
And no, this is not sponsored, but I will score a discount if you decide to purchase through the link above :)

Link Love

Andrea's green dress is perfect for so many shapes/styles/events.
I love how she styled it!

Deena is turning 40 next month and her family celebrated a little early with her.

Sarah is the Queen of beauty in my eyes!

And that is all for today friends!
I hope you all have had a great week and enjoy your weekend!

Linking up with The Blended Blog, Andrea, Narci & Erika!

Thanks for stopping by today!

XOXO ~ Vanessa

Just A Spoonful Of Possibilities Giveaway

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Poppin' in with some great Disney DVD Giveaways for you today!

The One-and-Only Mary Poppins Is Back in MARY POPPINS RETURNS! 
Enter to win a digital copy of the film at the following link:

Bring home now on Digital and on Blu-ray March 19th!

From the Studio That Brought You Teen Beach and Descendants comes KIM POSSIBLE (LIVE ACTION). High School Makes Saving the World Look Easy! 
Enter to win a free copy of the DVD at the following link:
Bring Home on Disney DVD March 26th!

Make sure you enter today...these won't last long!
Good luck my friends!

XOXO ~ Vanessa

Give Green A Chance | Style Link Up

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

I have always liked the color green.
Fun fact about me...when it came time to order my class ring in high school I actually ordered a green stone instead of my favorite color red.
I still don't know why :/

Now that you know that useless fact, let's move on with all things green.
I'm over on The Blended Blog today sharing a couple things I wore this year for St. Patrick's Day, as well as some fun green pieces that are perfect for Spring and Summer.
Make sure you head there to check those out as well as link up your blog posts with us.

Since I don't want to repetitive in this space I am sharing a few green accessories that are perfect for celebrating your Irish heritage or just because you like the color green!

These beauties are only $10 (including shipping)!
They come in a variety of different colors and shapes, but these green ones just scream Spring to me!

These Layered Tassel Earrings are only $15 and would add some pizazz to any simple outfit.

These Shamrock Stud earrings are for my true Irish friends!
These are sterling silver and made in Ireland!
So cute!

What green accessories do you have in your collection?
Is green your favorite color?
I would love to see how you rock it!
Link up your blog post below or share your outfits and accessories on Facebook or Instagram and use #TBBStyle

Thanks for joining us today!

XOXO ~ Vanessa
You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!
Click here to enter

Favorite Beauty Hacks | TBB Asks

Monday, March 18, 2019

I am in no way, shape or form a beauty blogger.
I can throw on my make-up quickly to look presentable, and my hairstyle is typically pretty simple.
So when I want to do something more with myself I turn to YouTube.
Seeing someone apply their make-up a certain way or create that perfect braid in their hair is so much easier for me to understand than just reading words and looking at pictures.

I have a couple ladies that I turn to on YouTube that are amazing! 

Angela Lanter @ Hello Gorgeous
Love her!
She is super cute on Instagram.
I love her Podcast and blog.
And she is an Ohio girl!
Oh, and she is married to an Ohio boy named Matt Lanter (90210 (remake), Timeless fame)  ;)

Here are a couple of my favorite videos from Angela.

Harmony @ Haromize Beauty
She is pretty darn funny on her Instastories too!
Honestly, you have probably seen her before.
I swear I was pinning images of her hair right after I joined Pinterest.

I thought she was just a hair model at first.
But now I have come to love her videos she posts about hair and make-up, as well as her every day life :)

Here are a couple of my favorite videos by Harmony.

Who are some of your favorite Beauty bloggers?
Who should I be following?
Let me know in the comments below!

Linking up with The Blended Blog today :)

XOXO ~ Vanessa

The Friday Faves #10 & #11

Friday, March 15, 2019

Happy Friday my friends!
So if you follow along with me on Instagram than you know my dad had surgery last Friday.
I had so much going on and had to be up so early that I just decided to skip last week's post.
And you know was just what I needed!
No worries...just be in the moment.

But I'm back today and I am sharing some of my favorites from the last two weeks of our crazy life!

 I am kicking today off with a question for you all.
I have a hair appointment coming up next week and a small part of me is thinking of making a change.
Not a big change...just a little update.

Chop it to the line?
Or keep most of the length and add all the layers?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
TIA :)

Moving on...X had what we believe to be his last indoor soccer game two weekends ago.
It was supposed to be a double header, but the team didn't show for the second game.
But the kiddos all had a great time.
We sure loved watching this team play together!

Last week was all things Dr. Seuss at school for X.
Day 1 was crazy hat day.
X was a little apprehensive to play along....

But by the time I picked him up from after care he was all about wearing the hat!

Day 2 was crazy sock and shoe day.
He wore the same socks...just in different colors, but you couldn't see them.
He decided on his own to wear two different shoes as well :)

Tuesday night was the 1st grade Spring Program.
Side note: They split the program into two nights, so it was only his school that performed that evening.
Otherwise there would have been about 200 kids on the stage at one time!
It was all about dogs, so this guy had to wear a brown shirt to be a brown dog.

I am not a fan of dogs at all, but it was a cute idea :)

Wednesday was Day 3 and it was crazy hair day!
X never, ever wants his hair to look any different, so I was shocked when he wanted to participate.
He loved it!

Day 4 was backwards clothes day.
He nailed it :)

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture from Day 5 because I was at the hospital with my dad.
But X did participate again :)
It was red, white and blue day so he wore his USA tee and brought his favorite Dr. Seuss book to school with him!

Saturday we had some errands to run, but first X wanted me to see if his hair could be shaped into a Mohawk :/
I played along since it was the weekend and he absolutely loved it!

Now he wants to get his hair cut into a Mohawk.
I am persuading him to go with a spiked look overall instead ;)

On the blog this week I shared some of my Must Have items that I feel you all need in your life!

And I shared a couple items from my teen years that I rock at 40 years old as well!

The lovely ladies at The Spoiled Home shared this great deal from QVC the other day and I just couldn't resist trying it out!
The price went up just a bit since I snagged it, but look at everything you get for $72.50!!!
That tube of foundation is HUGE!

I have used it twice as of typing this and I love it!
Buildable coverage and the perfect amount of glow :)
If you aren't following Sandi & Shalia you need to get on it!
They have the best Instastories!
And their houses are gorgeous too!

This week was Right to Read week at school, so X has been donating books, wearing themed clothing and such.
This was the only pic I took this week of him.
He loved getting to wear his tee my dad gave him from Curacao for Pirate Day!

Gotta show some love to Instagram or it wouldn't be a Friday Favorites post! ;)

And every Cleveland Browns fan said Hallelujah!!!

And I'm calling it there!
I hope you all had a fantastic week and an even better weekend!
It's almost St. Patrick's Day!!!!
Make sure you wear your green on Sunday!

Linking up with The Blended Blog, Andrea, Narci & Erika!

XOXO ~ Vanessa

My Teen Style | Shoes

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Basically everything from my teen years is making a comeback or recently just came back into style.
I was in middle school and then high school in the 90's.
I'm talking baby doll dresses, combat boots, flannels, wider leg jeans, cropped tops.
In a nutshell, every outfit or style from the movie Clueless was cool!

Not gonna lie, I totally rocked the look above in high school!

Today I am showing you items that I rocked all those years ago,
and I love that they are back in style and I can wear them today!
If I wasn't wearing my cheerleading uniform and shoes or softball uniform and cleats, you would probably catch me in one of these types of shoes.

Combat Boots

I had boots super similar to the ones below.
They tied in the front, had zippers on the sides, and just were SO COOL!

I wore them with everything!
But the best combination was those boots and baby doll dresses :)

Now you probably aren't going to see me wearing a baby doll dress anytime does nothing for my shape!
But I have been wearing my new version of combat boots any chance I get!

Birkenstock Sandals

Another shoe that has made a huge comeback are Birkenstock sandals.
I didn't have Birks back in high school...I don't think anyone did.
But we wore some super similar dupes back then.
And almost 90% of the time they were tan suede like the ones below.

Unfortunately, one thing that did happen quite often back then was this...

The dreaded socks and sandals look!
It is horrible!
Again, not gonna lie to you....I did wear mine like this back then.
You weren't allowed to wear open toed shoes to school, but we somehow were allowed to wear these with socks.
So literally EVERYONE did it!
Typically it was with jeans, not shorts.

Another time most people wore this look was when you were dressed for a game (softball, basketball, etc.) and weren't allowed to wear your game shoes outside or in the school (no cleats on the gym floor).
Typically then we wore our uniform socks with some sort of sport sandal.
But every now and then you would see people rocking these sandals.

So while you won't be seeing me rock that lovely look above in the near future,
I will be wearing my Birk dupes I recently picked up on Amazon!

I can't wait to wear these this summer!

I actually quickly threw them on to take a picture of me wearing them, but it wasn't pretty!
I need a tan and a pedicure before I can post those pictures! lol!

Now I want to know what clothing items, shoes or accessories do you still wear from your teens?
Is it a style that recently came back or something you never could part with?
I would love to hear in the comments below!

Don't forget to link up your post with us at The Blended Blog or use #TBBStyle on Facebook or Instagram!

Thanks for stopping by today!

XOXO ~ Vanessa
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