The Friday Faves | #7

Friday, February 15, 2019

Happy Friday!
I wrote an entire post and was ready to hit publish early this morning...and then it was gone.
Like 100% gone 😭😭😭

But it isn't the end of the world, so I am just rewriting it...quickly.

I kicked off my Friday last week with some old school hip hop on my way to work.

Saturday morning started with an exhausting, but oh so worth it leg workout!

X's soccer game was cancelled unexpectedly, so he was super excited to be able to attend a birthday party for one of his good friends :)
They played laser tag, had a Beyblade tournament, took turns whacking the pinata, and just had a great time together!

After the party we had a quick intermission at home before joining some of our besties for bowling and dinner!

I just recently saw that Sally Hansen came out with a line of Matte polishes in the Insta-Dri formula.
When I saw them at Kroger while grocery shopping I knew I had to pick up a couple of them.
I love them! Especially the violet one!

Sunday was a low key day of just chillin' at home.
X and I found some pro bowling on TV and he was excited to watch it.
That's my boy :)

On the blog this week I teamed up with the Blended Blog ladies for a little Love Loop.
I continued that theme on Wednesday when I remixed one of Lana's looks from the past!
Head here to see her original look, and the other 3 ways I remixed it.

 I also shared some of my very favorite books!
I have said it many times that I am not a book person, but if you get any of them from that post make it this one....

If you are reading this Friday afternoon I will be helping 23 little first graders celebrate Valentine's Day at X's school party!
He wrote out his cards for each of his classmates the other night and he was so cute!
He gave soccer, basketball and football cards...but had to decide which one fit for each person.
Then he carefully wrote each and every name on them.
He wrote especially neat for a couple of the girls in his class 😉

Madi Nelson shared this bag on her Instastories the other day and I can't believe I don't already have it! lol!
It will be mine ;) but first I need to decide which size!

Something camo I did order the moment I saw it was available this week was this Ohio camo hat from Shelly Lou Lids!
I can't wait for it to arrive!

I didn't order this tee...but I sure laughed out loud when I saw it!

And last, but certainly not least are these homemade chocolate covered strawberries I made yesterday to celebrate Valentine's Day with my guys :)
So simple! And so YUMMY!

And that my friends it is for this week!
I am finishing up my 6th and final week of round 1 of FASTer Way to Fat Loss this weekend.
Look for a review and results coming to the blog next week!

Other than that we have a full day of indoor soccer tomorrow,
and fingers crossed a night out to hear some live music and dancing with friends!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Linking up with The Blended Blog, Andrea, Narci & Erika!

XOXO ~ Vanessa

Remixing A Look & Favorite Reads

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Today I have a #twofer post for you!

First up....I'm doing a style remix with The Blended Blog.

When I saw this prompt I thought this would be a piece of cake.
I was wrong.
Turns out I don't have a whole lot in my closet that my friends have in their closets.
I have been looking through picture after picture to find something to recreate for today.
I realized that my friends own a lot of pinks, florals, and pretty much all the girly things.
I have none of that in my closet.

And then it hit me!
Sticking with the Love Loop theme, I am going to recreate a look that Lana @ My New Happy has shared with you in the past :)

I am going to share with you a few different ways you could recreate Lana's look.
All options use the same base colors, just slightly remixed based on what I have in my closet.

Option #1
with a gingham button down top (similar),
my white skinny jeans (similar),
and those fun red booties.

Option #2
A chambray/denim shirt (similar) thrown over a striped tank or tee (similar),
paired with my red skinny cords (similar),

Option #3
I paired a plaid top/flannel (similar) with a solid puffer vest (similar),
my go-to jeans (similar) and white Converse.

Almost every piece I shared could be swapped out for another piece.
Do you have any of the pieces Lana is wearing in her original look?
Do you have any of the pieces I shared in my recreations?
I would love to see how you would recreate Lana's Look!

Next up....I'm sharing some of my favorite books/authors with Shay & Erika!

I have always loved the Tori Spelling books!

Honestly, if you grew up in the 90's (and watched Beverly Hills 90210 😉) I really think you would love all of the her books!

I am not one who enjoys reading books, but I am trying really hard to change that.
That is tricky because there isn't a whole lot of things I want to read about.
I did read/listen to Kind is the new Classy by Candace Cameron Bure and LOVED IT!!!

So much so that I ordered two more of her books.

I actually already own her style book, but haven't read it yet.
Add that to the to-do list!

Another book that I listened to was A Tribe Called Bliss.

That book has truly changed my outlook/mindset!
Honestly, if there is one book you pick up after reading this post I feel it should be this one!

I was gifted a few books for Christmas/birthday as well.

I also received the new Justin Timberlake book,

and the Whiskey in a Teacup cookbook by Reese Witherspoon.

Those last two have stories within the recipes.

Notice a theme here?

I am not one to read something that is a made up.
I need real life.

And I have to know who the author is before I even think about picking up the book.

So what book recs do you have for me?
What are your favorite types of books to read?
I would love to hear from you in the comments below :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Linking up with Nancy as well :)

XOXO ~ Vanessa
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