Friday, June 22, 2018

Out of the Office

Happy Friday Friends!
I hope you all had a wonderful week and have an even better weekend!
I am taking today off for a...

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See you all next week!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

June Shopping Haul

My closet needed a serious upgrade for summer, and my trip to Myrtle Beach was the perfect excuse to pick up some new things!

Amazon Finds

When I jumped on Amazon last week I was on the hunt for kimono's. I have been wanting to try this trend, but just couldn't find any in store that I liked.
Amazon had a ton!
I picked up this Navy Kimono and I can't wait to pair it with some white skinny jeans or shorts!

And you know I am not a fan of florals, but this Floral Kimono was too fun to pass up!
I think this is perfect for summer and fall!

This Feather Kimono just screams summer to me!
It is super lightweight and much shorter than the two above.

This Off the Shoulder Top looks even cuter in person!
Everywhere I go I am seeing cactus prints!
For the price I thought I would give it a shot :)

This print has been everywhere I look as well!
I love it! 
So I snagged this super cheap leaf bikini to give it a try.

Target Finds
I have a love/hate relationship with joggers.
I have big hips, so they tend to make me look even wider than I already am :(
But the wonderful Jen Reed brought these Pajama Pants to my attention and they are amazing!!!!
Super lightweight!
And they don't look like pj's at all!

Swimsuits have been a nightmare for me this year :(
But this Bikini Top  and Bikini Bottoms aren't too bad considering you can now buy tops in your bra size!
Thank you Target!

I also snagged some of these loose fit tanks since they were 3 for $20 :)

Old Navy Finds
These Denim Shorts fit like a dream!
(Go up a size for a better fit)
I think they will go perfect with one of those kimono's above!

I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this Swing Top, but it is so stinkin' cute!
Even Mic liked it! lol!

Numerous bloggers have raved about this Tie Back Top so I have high hopes for it!
It is supposed to arrive today so I haven't had a chance to try it on yet :/

I had high hopes for these olive Twill Shorts, but the pockets lay funny on my wide hips so they will be going back :(

However, these Crops are a must!!!
I snagged them for $15!

J.Crew Factory Finds
This is my go-to spot for shorts!
They are simply the best!
And sure enough, they didn't disappoint once again :)
 These White Denim Shorts are just what I was looking for!
The right amount of stretch, and can totally be dressed up or down!

 These 5" Chino Shorts have been staples in my closet for years!
I wear them so much I decided to grab a couple extra in my favorite colors :)

You know I have a thing for gingham...these 5" Gingham Shorts are so cute!
I plan on pairing them with that navy tie back tank above :)

 My outfits can be seriously plain, so I grabbed a couple pairs of these 4" Scalloped Shorts to add a little something something :)

And that is it!
There have been some great sales going on and some still are.
Biggest tip for the reviews!!!!
They honestly are your best friend!
Also, I don't like my shorts skin tight so I sized up one and they turned out perfect!

What sites have you been shopping on recently?

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Sports Family

All my days are running together now that I am working from home!
And I feel like I am much busier than I was when I was at the office all day.
Hence why all my posts aren't going live until mid-afternoon these days :)

Anyways, let's get on with the recap of our weekend!
After going to Barre class at 8am Saturday morning it was time for T-ball!
My brother was able to make it down for the game...and thankfully he took a few pictures of X for me :)

After the game we headed back to clean up before grabbing some lunch.
While we were there we gave my niece her birthday gifts.

X and Lily had so much playing with her new Minnie Mouse Headquarters together :)

Grandpa and his two grand kids :)

 I was exhausted by Saturday evening.
So tired I slept with my contacts in the entire night :(
But we woke up and it was Father's Day!
And Mic X got his Father's Day wish of playing video games right after waking up! ;)
#raisingagamer #likefatherlikeson

 After a few games, X and I got ready and headed north to spend Father's Day with my dad.
My husband is one of those people who likes to have the day to himself :/

We made a pit stop at Kroger and the Good Year Blimp was right above us :)

 It was ridiculously hot outside!
But we didn't let it stop us from playing catch, hitting, playing some cornhole, and cooking out :)

And despite the weird shadows (across my face, arms, etc.) on the next picture, I had to post it.
I absolutely love these guys!

 And just like that the weekend was over and we were back at home getting ready for a new week!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend and Father's Day!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Gangsta's Paradise #momlife #thuglife

Linking up with Erika, Narci & Andrea for...

Happy Friday!
I am so ready to get this weekend started!
But first, let's recap some of our favorite moments from the past week :)

On Monday I recapped our weekend of fun!
Despite the rain, we had so much fun with some of our favorite people :)

We started the first week of me working from home a little rough (pink eye, etc.), but I think we are doing pretty well now.
I have been printing out different worksheets each day for X to do while I get some work done.
He actually really likes them! (Fingers crossed that continues all summer!)

Now I am definitely not a teacher (I don't know how you teachers do it!), but I am pretty proud of myself and X because I taught him how to tell time this week!
That was definitely a favorite moment for both of us!

We had team pictures last week and the package I ordered came with a text of your child as well.
I got it earlier this week :)

On Wednesday I joined Shay & Erika and talked about how we plan our summer vacations.
Speaking of vacations...I leave in 7 days!!!
I can't wait!

I also got some much needed time with my favorite stylist and friend on Wednesday!

 I picked up our mail this week and when I looked at the return label I thought it was ghost mail.
Yes, my dad and step mom are Mr. & Mrs. Cook.
And so are my brother and SIL (who this is from).
But when I saw it I immediately thought of my grandparents :)
I miss them every day.

In non sappy news, I showed up at our house to pack and move more stuff (it is never ending!) and I came upon this in our backyard...
There was at least two deer just chillin' while they ate our grass :)
I am definitely not an animal lover, but deer are my favorite!
Praying that the remodeling process doesn't scare them away.

 This right here is something we all need to do a little more of in my opinion ;)

For the past week I have been going to Barre classes again, so when I saw this I couldn't help but laugh!

The other day some friends and I were talking and it came up that I like a little "ghetto" style.
Sorry if I offend you with that term, but that is what I call it. friend Ashley saw this on Facebook and of course had to tag me it!
You better believe the 90's hip hop gets turned up in my car and I have a slight lean while I am driving ;) lol!
Anyone else become a gangsta when their kids aren't in the car?

And on that note I am going to leave you with a few oldies but goodies to start your weekend!