Friday, March 24, 2017

Keep on Keepin' on

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Hey, hey party people!
We made it to Friday!
Let's jump into my favorites from this past week :)

Our weekend consisted of some of my favorite things for sure.
Like this candied bacon!
So good!

I finally remembered to layout the hamburger meat to thaw on Sunday night,
so on Monday evening I made Shepherd's Pie :)
This is one of our favorite meals!
And making homemade mashed potatoes with a wooden spoon is honestly one of my favorite things to do!

I have a love/hate relationship with make up.
Especially foundation.

I talked about the one I use currently in my Tuesday Talk post, but I would love to hear your favorites!

You all know that Instagram is my favorite form of social media.
These were some of my favorite posts I saw this week :)

I also linked up with Shay & Erika for Workin' It Wednesday this week.
This month is all about balancing work & life.
Not my favorite, because I am not very good at it :(
Head over there or comment below any suggestions or tips you may have :)

Wednesday evening I paid my friend Kasey a visit and she once again worked her magic for me :)
Getting my hair cut and colored/highlighted is always a favorite thing of mine!

And on a final note, the countdown to what I am already deeming my absolute favorite vacation ever is on!
Well, at least for me anyway!
I am 38 days away from visiting the most magical place on earth and I can't wait!
But I need your help!
What do I wear to the parks?
What do I pack for the parks?
Come on Disney peeps, give me all your tips! Please :)

Ok, so one more note for ya :)
This popped up on my Facebook On This Day app and it immediately made me smile!
It was one of my favorite shows (reruns) to watch as a kid!
Hope you enjoy it or at least get a good laugh from it :)
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Talk | Foundation

So this week is all out of sorts!
Monday I was linking up for Workin' It Wednesday,
and now today I am linking up for Tuesday Talk with Ashley & Erika on a Thursday!
Let's just go with it :)

Today I am talking about something super serious...

Make up, well foundation to be exact ;)

As my skin continues to change as I age I am constantly looking for new products that work well for me.
Honestly, I was doing so well with using this one from Urban Decay but lately it just isn't working for me.
Urban Decay Naked Skin

This is where you all come in :)
I want to know what your favorite, tried and true, hands down best foundations, tinted moisturizers, and concealers are!
Please help a girl out :)

Honestly, I would prefer to wear nothing (or close to it) but a little bit of eye make up and chapstick most days, but since I work in a professional office I do need to be a little more pulled together.

I am looking for something that I don't feel on my face.
Light to medium coverage.
And something you don't need to be a make up pro to use ;)

Alright ladies, what do you got for me?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Give Me All The Candied Bacon!

The weeks are seriously running together at this point!
Mic and I took a brief moment on Thursday evening and grabbed dinner together while X visited with my in-laws.
We checked out a new restaurant in town called ABC Kitchen.
We actually ordered takeout a few weeks ago and enjoyed it, but wanted to see what things were like there.
When you walk in the door it is like you are walking straight into an American Pickers episode.
Joanna Gaines would love this place!
From the wood on the walls, to the lighting, to the fun pieces throughout the place it was relaxing.

We ordered the candied bacon for an appetizer and it was delish!
Totally recommend!

Mic had the schnitzel while I opted for the Do Re Mi burger and fries.
So good!
 And I love that they use crumbled bacon instead of pieces!
Those darn pieces of bacon always seem to come out with one bite!
 I am excited to go back and try more of their menu.
If you are local or traveling through the area I would definitely give it a try :)

In other news it is March Madness time!
I got X to fill out a bracket to play along with my dad, brother and I this year.
He is actually doing really well, and even called a couple upsets!
Meanwhile my final two have already been eliminated :(

Friday was one of my favorite holidays of the year...St. Patrick's Day!
While I couldn't head to Cleveland and celebrate with family or friends, I did make sure to rock some green :)
I threw on my Notre Dame tee under my work clothes for some extra Irish spirit!

Since I totally forgot to layout hamburger meat to thaw before work we resorted to Plan B for dinner...
Skyline Chili!
They were featuring green pasta for St. Patrick's Day!

X managed to fall asleep in the 10 minute ride home,
so I made myself a festive cocktail to end my evening :)
Key Lime Cooler with graham cracker crumbs on top and some added green food coloring for fun!

Saturday evening we hung out with some friends for apps and drinks :)
I took one of the recipes and put my own spin on it and came up with a crowd pleaser!
It is similar to a White Russian if you have had one of those before :)

And then the host made a pitcher of this cocktail that I don't know the name of :(
It had a lime kick to it.
Perfect for a hot summer evening outside!

On Sunday we were all tired and sluggish so we hung around the house all day.
X decided he wanted to do some digging, so we pulled out a couple of his Dinosaur eggs from Christmas :)

And that was our weekend!
Currently I am battling whatever force is against me watching TV since our satellite went out yesterday while we were at work.
And the worst part is they couldn't schedule an appointment for us until the 31st!
Yes, I know it isn't the end of the world, but it is highly frustrating :(

But, I am going to try my best to think good thoughts!
More time to exercise! :)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday | Balancing work & home life

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Today the topic is Balancing Work & Home Life.
Oh boy! I need help doing this, so give me all your tips!!!!

For those of you that are new around here, my husband and I own our own financial planning practice.
It is a small business, in a small town.
Meaning there are 3 of us total at our office.
My husband, me, and our receptionist.
Mic and I wear a lot of different hats.

While I am a vital part of our business, Mic handles most of the responsibilities there.
I am pretty much at work during Stock Market hours and then I am out to handle our home life.

My daily to-do list consists of the following:
Getting up, showering, and getting ready for work while doing the following
Getting X up for school
Getting him his breakfast
Making sure he is eating said breakfast in a timely manner
Making sure he gets dressed in a timely manner
Etc., etc. etc.

Once we are ready we load up the car and head to school.
I drop him off around 8:50am and then head to work - most days.
In the winter I may have to stop back home and put work on the fire to keep the house warm before heading into the office.
#countryliving #morelikeamishliving

So I arrive to work around 9:15am most days.

I try really hard to leave my computer at work during the week because I am on it all day and just need a mental break.
Plus, I don't have time for it once I get home from work.
So that means I typically write my blog posts while I am at work.
I always try to get any online shopping we need done, check schedules for up coming appointments,
plan our vacation, etc.
When you are doing math, processing transactions, and paperwork all day you need mini breaks :)

I leave work about 4:30pm to pick up X from after care at preschool and then it is home to make dinner.
I try to start the dishwasher in the morning before I leave for work so things are done and ready to be put away while I am making dinner.

By the time we eat dinner and clean up it is time for his bath.
After his bath he either plays on his tablet for a bit or watches some cartoons while I workout.
This workout is crucial for me!
Once I shower, we head to bed and wake up the next morning to start it all over again.

Rereading that sounds so boring!
And exhausting!
See why I need your tips!
Things are definitely not balanced in my world right now.

But if you clicked on this post to give you some advice or a tip in anyway I won't leave you hanging :)

My biggest tip I can give to you all is try to find at least 30 minutes of your day to decompress.
I love to workout!
I wish I could do it more!
And I truly enjoy working out at the end of the day because my muscles move better and I am able to let go of some of the stress from the day before going to bed.

That is a typical winter day.
In a couple weeks soccer begins and our whole schedule changes! :/

Now it is your turn!
Tell me how to balance things.
How to find time to see my husband (Thank God we work together or we wouldn't see each other!).
What chores or tasks do your kids do that maybe X could be doing for me?
I want him to be able to be a kid, but he does need to start learning responsibility.
How do you keep your house clean?
I think I need a cleaning service - any suggestions?

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Irish Wishes & More

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We woke up Friday morning to Winter all over again.
But it was so pretty looking out our kitchen windows!
Snowy trees are a favorite of mine :)

Last week was rough!
So on Friday night I decided to crack open one the bottles of wine I got from the Traveling Vineyard party I went to in February!
Oh my goodness!
It is even better than I remembered when I tried it!
Double Date is my new favorite!!!
And yes, I am drinking it from a Cleveland Browns cocktail glass!
Honestly, I don't drink wine that much so my glasses are stored for special occassions.
I typicially make mixed drinks at home when I have adult beverage.
Speaking of that....what is your favorite adult beverage?
Wine, beer, cocktails, straight liquor?

I was itching to get out of town for a bit after that week,
so on Saturday we hopped in the car and headed to Cleveland for the day.
Cleveland is always my favorite place to be :)
We ate lunch at Melt, which specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches.

We shared the Melt Pierogi, but I forgot to take a picture of them :(
I ordered the half size of the Mighty Macaroni - homemade macaroni and cheese battered and deep fried, and layered with cheddar cheese and cheddar cheese sauce,

and Mic got the Parma, Italy - in a nutshell, a chicken parm sandwich.
We liked both of them, but mine was our favorite :)

With our bellies full, we headed to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
And what was the first thing we saw?
X's favorite dino!

It wasn't super crowded, but X doesn't like to look at things for very long.
Our only regret is that we would have liked to read some of the information a little bit more than we were able to.

It was a nice day out of town, and X even said it was one of his best day's ever! :)

On Tuesday I joined Andrea for another round of Show & Tell. This time is was about our embarrassing moments!
Those are definitely not favorites!

I linked up with The Blended Blog on Wednesday to show off some of my new Spring pieces I received in my latest Stitch Fix!
This black top is my new favorite!

My favorite little guy finally lost that loose tooth this week!
I guess he was eating lunch at preschool and it must have stuck to his hot dog, because one minute it was there and the next it was gone :(
He said he was scared since he swallowed it :(
The staff at his school were great about it, and the director sent home a cute little note with a white bead to give to the tooth fairy in place of the tooth.

Today is one of my favorite days of the year!
St. Patrick's Day!!!!
I mean, it is seriously right under Christmas and Halloween for me.
My mom's side of the family always celebrates their Scottish heritage, but they seem to forget about the Irish part.
The part that we get from my grandma!
I love that part!
And I love to celebrate it!

I typically make everything green for the day.
Our drinks, our food, our clothing, my nails, etc.
I even started celebrating early this week with one of my new favorites...the Chocolate Shamrock shake!
And my green nails too!

And I couldn't leave this one out ;)

Wishing you the very best today!
Happy Friday Friends!

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