Friday Favorites 4|9|21

Friday, April 9, 2021

Still there?
Between work, life, spring break and sports I have had 0 time to get on here.
So today I'm playing a little catch up with some favorites over the last few weeks 😊

Linking up with Andrea & Erika for Friday Favorites!

Let's dive in!
I'm not an early riser at all, but I decided to take advantage of an early morning by myself with some coffee and my Bible Recap daily reading :)

Aren't these so cute?
I picked these up at Home Goods on a day out with my cousin.
Technically, they are salt and pepper shakers but I plan on using them as shot glasses ;)

Like I said above, the majority of our time these days has been spent watching practices and games for soccer and football.
We kicked off our soccer season a couple of weeks ago with a W!

I just love #8!

With baseball season starting we needed all new gear since this kid is growing like a weed!

I mentioned it before, but I'm saying it again.
My favorite thing (quite possibly the only thing) I like about living in the country are seeing these beauties grace our property :)

It was nice, but colder on the first day of spring break.
So we bundled up and headed outside to get some practice before the real practice.
X hadn't picked up a bat, glove, etc. in 2 years!

In home news, I finally unboxed the Roomba we purchased almost two years ago and gave a try.
It is still learning our house, but I'm loving not having to sweep myself!

Another weekend means more soccer!

This past weekend of soccer didn't go our way, but it was still fun watching those boys play.
X did get to take a penalty kick, but unfortunately it hit the pole :(

The second game was tough too!
The teams we played were really good.
We came away with a loss, but X did score our only goal of the day :)

Last minute Easter Sunday dinner set up.
Nothing fancy, but the food was good :)

And this right here is 100% me!

Another big thing happened over the last few cousin asked me to be in her wedding this fall!
So excited!
Things have truly come full circle since I was in her mom's wedding when I was 9, then she was in my wedding when she was 16!
We went earlier this week to pick out my dress.
This boutique is so cute!

This is the cute knot bracelet she gave me when she asked me :)

After what felt like a million dresses (it was actually 9 multiple times), I came away with this one...

We all picked different dresses in this pretty green shade, and they look really good together!
So excited for November!

Oh, just another day...another practice.
This time it was football :)

And last but not least, this...

And that my friends is it!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
I'm off for all the soccer and football over the next few days!

XOXO ~ Vanessa

Mini Life Update

Monday, March 22, 2021

Hello Monday & Welcome Spring!
It is a beautiful day today here in central Ohio!
This week kicks off our new and even crazier schedule, but we are excited for it!

X is playing 3 sports (total of 4 teams) this spring!
We are nuts, I know!
He has been going to soccer lessons all winter and has had team practice on Friday nights, but this week things really kick off.

Mondays and Thursdays we have soccer team practice.
Tuesdays and Fridays he has soccer lessons/practice.
Wednesdays he has football practice and then goes to soccer lessons.
And then his travel soccer team starts games this weekend!

Football games start in a few weeks on Sunday afternoons, and he is playing in a mini soccer league for the club where he takes lessons.

I mentioned 3 should be starting sometime around the end of April and is pretty much every day of the week.

I feel like Dory right now...

I realize after typing Life Update as the title, our lives basically revolve around X these days.
Mic and I are still busy handling our actual business each day, and still trying to find mirrors and sconces for the bathrooms 🙍

Please tell me it isn't just us that our lives revolve around our child's life!

And that is all I got for today!
Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

XOXO ~ Vanessa
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