Thursday, January 19, 2017

January Stitch Fix Review

I received a gift card from my lovely mother for Stitch Fix so I couldn't wait to order my next box!
I must say, after my last box I was anxious to see if I would get my old stylist back.
And if I would get items I requested.

I always go for the style card first.
Unfortunately, Erin wasn't available so Ali gave it a try.

And now for trying it all on...

Up first is the Dark Green Laila Jayde Busby Cowl Neck Zipper Detail Knit Top $58 and the Just Black Cordelia Skinny Jean in black $78.

I was super excited that I finally received some black skinny jeans, and the green on that top was great!
Unfortunately, those jeans looked like and felt like someone else may have tried them on and sent them back. They were a little stretched out in the waist and I just wasn't feeling it so I returned them.
I loved the zipper detail of the top, but the overall shape on me felt weird so I returned it as well.

Next up is the 41Hawthorn Kavanagh tie Neck Blouse in Grey $54
Now I don't mind leopard/cheetah prints, but this was a bit much for me with the gray background.
Plus, if you would have heard Mic's reaction to the print you would have sent it back too! lol!

Papermoon Wigan Shoulder Zip Knit Top in Black $48
Loved this at first sight, so I was really hoping it fit well...and it did!!! :)
I, of course kept it!

Pixley Ashton Crochet Lace Kimono in Black $48
Umm, no.
So I don't mind the crochet/lace look, but the open front was a no from the start for me.
I prefer tops/sweaters/etc that close.
So it was returned.

In the end I only kept one top, and due to the fix before that not being up to par my style fee was waived for this box.
So I paid the cost of the top I liked and kept, and sent the rest back free of charge.

Now I do have another fix on its way to me because that gift card is burning a hole in my pocket! lol!
Fingers crossed it is great!
I did ask to have Ali again in hopes that she understands my style preferences a little better this time around.
We shall see!

Do you subscribe to Stitch Fix?
Do you like it?
Do you subscribe to any other clothing boxes I should try?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weekend Recap | Hands Up!

Happy Monday Tuesday Wednesday!
Despite not being able to shake this cold/head congestion thing,
we seemed to get a lot done this weekend and have a little fun :)

Last week X's school was working on the letter "J", so they got to wear their jammies to school on Thursday and Friday.
He was pumped!

Day 1 he rocked his new TMNT jammies from my brother :)
Of course we couldn't take any pictures without pretending to be a bad guy :/
Does or did everyone else's child go through this obsession with bad guys?

Day 2 jammies :)

On Saturday X went to my in-laws house and Mic and I got to work on finally getting all the Christmas decor put away.
We were done before X came back home, so we decided to check out the little old house on our property before it got dark.
It rained like crazy last week and things were flooded all over town.
Thankfully there wasn't any water or wind damage to our house, this little 200 year old house, or our barn.
Yes, the house I am standing in in the following pictures is about 200 years old!!!
This is just the basement, so someday I will get around to taking pictures of the actual living space.
Look at those real wood beams!!!
And all that rock!

And that pile of coal!
No one has lived in this home for many years, but that pile is still there!

Once X got home we watched some playoff football and then called it a night.

X hung out with my in-laws again on Sunday, so it meant Mic and I were able to get some more work done around the house, office work done, and run some errands.
We did take a late lunch together at our favorite Japanese Steakhouse and I was able to wear my new top from my latest Stitch Fix :)

After errands we picked up our little guy and headed back home to watch more football!!!

We took the day off on Monday to spend with our guy :)
He has been talking about going to Chuck E. Cheese forever!
So we finally gave in and took him on Monday.
Apparently, the same day as the rest of our town. lol!
He was so excited!

He loved trying out all the games, but once he and Mic found the Jurassic Park game they were in heaven!

He had so much fun and is already asking when he can go back!
After wards, the boys got haircuts and then we headed to Hobby Lobby :)
I absolutely loved this metal and wood deer sign, but I wasn't sure if I could change the color of the wood in the future so I decided to pass on it.
But I am on the hunt for something similar.
Do you know of anyone/Etsy shop/etc. that makes similar signs?

And that was our weekend!
Did you get to have a long weekend?
What did you do?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Talk | Home Decor

Linking up with Erika & Ashley for...

Hey ladies!
Over the weekend my husband and I were looking at some new home decor items and have different opinions on what is out of style or not.
So, I am asking all of you what your thoughts are :)

First, does your husband have a say in your home decor?
And/or does he care?

Now onto the bigger questions....

I know home decor is personal preference, but I still wonder how you feel when you see things like the items below :)

Galvanized Metal

Wooden Signs


Do you have pieces like the photos above in your home?
What kind of vibe do those pieces give you?
Are these styles played out?

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites | Feeling Good Edition

First of all, Happy Friday the 13th!!!
My mom and I always feel that this is a lucky day :)

Linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika for...

Before I get into my favorites, I just wanted to say I am sorry to any of you who have left comments over the last few months!
I count on my email that is attached to this blog to show me when comments are there.
I honestly thought no one was reading because I wasn't getting any emails :(
Well, I finally looked somewhere else the other day and found all your comments!
I am so so sorry for not getting back to you all!
I will be working on responding this weekend :)

Last Friday I had a short day at work due to having a doctor's appointment, so I rocked my new favorite leggings and Hunter boots :)
I am definitely not a country girl, but I do love camo! ;)

It was super cold and yucky outside on Saturday, but my day turned around when my mailman dropped off my favorite subscription box at my front door!
Review coming next week :)

Instagram is hands down my favorite form of social media!
Don't get me wrong, I do read the status updates/check out photos on Facebook,
and I pin like crazy on Pinterest,
but photos on Instagram can just easily turn my day around.
I saw these three this week and totally transformed my mood :)

Being sick for the last couple weeks means it is extra hard to keep X entertained.
By chance I turned on the Food Network and they had the Kid's Baking Championship show on.
X went nuts!
He immediately wanted to cook or bake something all by himself!
I immediately had flashbacks of my little brother "making" food when we were kids and begging my mom to try it.
I tried really hard to control what X put into the bowl so IF I had to taste it I wouldn't gag. lol!
We stuck with sweets ;)
Thankfully, Mic was the taste tester!
And now I have a little guy who's favorite thing to do every night after school is cook something!
I am on a mission this weekend to pick up a few easy things for him to make himself :/

Speaking of that kid, he somehow has grown up overnight!
It is nuts!
So we had a spur of the moment celebration with a trip to Toys-R-Us with his gift cards,
followed by his request - Skyline Chili!
Definitely one of my favorite spots!
And now one of X's favorite spots too! :)
He can't get enough of that cheese!!!

Have you heard this song yet?
Oh my goodness is it good!
Definitely my favorite song on the radio right now!

Other than lots and lots of rain....I am talking lots of roads, some main roads even closed due to flooding because the ground is frozen :(
I just hope the rain stops before it all freezes again.

Looking forward to a three day weekend with my guys :)
How was your week?
What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Check this out local ladies :)
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For your chance to win Regal Montrose Theatre tickets valid either 1/21 or 1/25, enter here -

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To purchase additional tickets, please visit #MetHD

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Year's Goals

 Hello Friends!
I am super excited for a fresh start on...everything! lol!
What better way to start a new year, but with some new goals :)
I am joining Shay & Erika today for their new link up series...

As you can see from that list above, the prompt for today is New Year's Goals!

Just like everyone else under the sun of course I want to get back to eating healthier, making more meals at home, working out, etc., etc.
But here are some other goals that I have set for myself as well.

Reading More
I ordered this book for myself after seeing Shay and a few others mention it this past year.
Do any of you read this book?
If so, I would love to hear how you are reading it.
I am currently on the two year plan :)

I also have these two to read as well :)

Project New Shoes
So I am totally one of those moms/people that always wants/needs to update something that is seriously outdated or non-functioning in my closet, but then finds something that X needs instead.
Getting new shoes, especially for work and working out have been put off for way too long!
I am talking at least 5 years people! :(
Any suggestions on cute gym shoes and/or walking shoes are greatly appreciated!

New Workout Options
I like to vary my workouts because I get bored really easy.
I still have my 21 Day Fix workouts, but I picked up a few new DVDs as well to add into the mix.

And I ordered this book and foam roller from Amazon :)

foam roller

And of course I will be using my new cookbook to meal plan  :)

What are your goals for 2017?

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