Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Keep Calm and Wear Camo

Unless you are new around here you probably know that I love camo print.
In fact, some may even call it an unhealthy love...but we don't need to bother ourselves with those people ;)

I have jeans, scarves, hats, tees, leggings, etc.
I bought these Kut from the Kloth jeans a few years ago, so they are unfortunately sold out :(
 I received this amazing scarf from the super sweet Deena :)

This hat is from Target a few years ago, but they always seem to be offering a newer version in store.

 And most of X's jackets/coats, some pants/shorts, and tees are camo print.
I picked up this North Face fleece a few years ago in the #NSALE and X and I both loved it!

I just recently added the following to mine and X's collections...
Camo Backpack - Target

Camo Hat - Target
Camo J.Crew Sweater - Nordstrom
X's Camo Jordan's - Nordstrom
Yes, I already have a pair of teardrop camo earrings...
BUT they are not from N&S and are smaller so these are totally justified ;)

And now I am thinking about adding these shoes and possibly this sweatshirt.

And maybe this tee for X :)

Help!!! I can't control myself around camo print! lol!
Tell me you love camo print as much as I do!
If so, what am I missing out there! lol!
But seriously...what else do I need to add to my collection?

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Summer Isn't Over Yet!

This weekend we were busy packing in all the fun we could before school starts on Wednesday!
Before the weekend fun officially began for X, my fun started on Friday morning when my new EC planner arrived right as I was leaving for work :) :)
I love it!!!!
Haven't picked out a planner for 2018 yet?
Head over to the Erin Condren site and score a discount when you order using my link :)
Happy Shopping!

I had to run out to grab some lunch and made a pit stop at Hobby Lobby.

X is obsessed with sharks!
He would love this!

And then I moved onto the Christmas decor :)
I would be completely content if Hobby Lobby left their Christmas decor out year round.

After work we ate a quick dinner and then headed to the Blueberry Festival!
Games were played, prizes were won, rides were ridden, and unhealthy treats were consumed.
Pretty great night in my book ;)

On Saturday we headed north to Port Clinton/Catawba Island for a day of swimming and camping with my dad and step mom.
The weather was perfect!

 While X chilled for a bit, Mic and I even hopped on their bikes and took a little ride.
It was gorgeous!

We ended the evening listening to music and making Smore's by the fire :)

Last minute pic on Sunday before we headed home since I didn't take many on Saturday :/
Don't mind my child's goofy face.
He has decided to no longer smile in pictures unless HE wants it taken. Grrr!

 And since I am writing this on Monday I will throw in this picture of the sun.
It was so neat checking out the different phases of the eclipse!

And that was it for our weekend!
What did you do this weekend?
Are your kiddos starting school this week?

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Last Minute Summer Fun & Giveaways!

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This past weekend/week was about cramming in some last minute fun before school starts next week.
Mission accomplished!

We kicked off the weekend with haircuts for both of my guys.
This cutie was done before Mic, so he grabbed some big boy magazines and "read" them while he waited ;)

We ran a few more errands and then stopped for some donuts!
This kid got the sprinkled vanilla while I stuck to my FAVORITE - plain cake.

Mic worked outside most of the day while I worked on things inside.
But then it was time for some fun!
X has been asking us all summer to go to the go kart track, and it finally worked out on Saturday night.
While we waited for our pizza, X (and Mic) played his FAVORITE arcade games!

Once we ate it was time to drive!
Shockingly it wasn't busy, so X had the kid go kart track to himself.
Watching this kid is my FAVORITE!
The girl told him to make sure he didn't hit the sides and boy did he listen!
A couple times he even slowed down to a stop to make sure he wouldn't hit anything.

Then we moved onto Mini Golf - MY LEAST FAVORITE activity!
Honestly, I have never had the patience for it.
Even as a kid I just didn't like it.

This kid did really well for his first time and even got a hole in 1!

We then moved onto the playground area and out of nowhere a big kid showed up!
He has never been able to do the monkey bars, and on this night he did it with ease :)

On Sunday, X and I headed to Columbus to meet my dad and step mom for dinner and some swimming.
We woke up the next morning and headed to the Columbus Zoo for a day of fun!
While X seemed to enjoy looking at all the animals, his FAVORITE part was getting his picture taken every time we came across one of these statues!
He even posed himself in a few of them ;)

We finished our day with dinner at our FAVORITE, Skyline Chili before making the trip back home.

On Tuesday I joined Andrea for Show & Tell  and shared some of my FAVORITE guilty pleasures :)

And that evening we got to meet X's teacher at Kindergarten orientation!
Seeing this kid excited for school to start is my FAVORITE!

And that evening I saw this posted on Instagram and thought I had to share it!

Yesterday, I hopped on my soapbox and wrote about my thoughts on Competition, and I am not talking about sports.
I don't voice my opinions too often, but boy did it feel good :)

Of course I always find some FAVORITES on instagram :)

And just as I was writing this post, I got this picture from our babysitter....
Yesterday was X's last day at her house so they celebrated with ice cream!
I think he has had a fantastic summer with all the fun things they have done :)

We have plans to head to the Blueberry Festival tonight and enjoy some of our FAVORITE treats :)
And then tomorrow we are heading north to swim & camp with my dad and step mom along Lake Erie.
Fingers crossed the weather cooperates for us!

Do you have any big weekend plans?
Are you gearing up for your kiddos to go back to school?
How do you celebrate the first day of school?

And before you leave....

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