How do you do it? What do you use?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

That question could be phrased multiple ways really.
In reality it really means...HELP!!! :)

I have had a few things recently in my life that just aren't working like they used to, or I have no idea where to turn so I figured I would ask all of you for your input.

We all use it daily (I would assume), and everyone seems to use something different.
So, I want to know what brands and scents of deodorant do you use?
I have switched between a couple brands over the years, but I am again finding myself wanting to see if there is something better out there.

What are your favorite recipes that are easy to make during the work week?
I have a few here and there, but I feel like I am constantly making the same thing every week.
By the time I get home from work and picking up X it is about 5:30pm.
Following a lengthy recipe is the last thing I want to do.
So I am looking for ones that are super simple, easy, and take no longer than 30 minutes.

Do you tweeze, wax, thread or something else to your eyebrows?
I currently tweeze, but I swear I do it daily!
Glad to see those new gummy vitamins are paying off somewhere, but I would prefer the hair on my head actually grow faster instead of my eyebrows.

I don't feel guilty, but I definitely feel pressure from other moms.
I work full -time outside of the home, year round.
Yes, we own our own business so I am able to be a little bit flexible with my schedule.
However, why do other moms feel the need to make you feel bad that you don't stay home with your kid.
And they don't include your kid for daily play dates and such because I am working.

Another one I feel a lot is when other moms make you feel bad for only having one child.
Like they are super moms because they have more than one child, and you just don't get what it is like to be a real mom since you only have one child.
Do you ever feel this pressure?

Any tips, tricks, suggestions on the above topics would be greatly appreciated :)

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