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Friday, July 28, 2017

Linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika for...
Happy Friday!
Let's get right into my FAVORITES for the week!

On Sunday morning I was feeling slightly adventurous and decided to attempt braiding my hair.
FYI: I suck at braiding, or just styling my hair in general.

I watched this video the night before so I thought I might be able to figure it out.

So here is my attempt at it...

I tried one braid, but it didn't look right so I did two.
Not too terrible for my first time.

And braids are a FAVORITE of Mic's since he loves the show Vikings so I considered it a WIN :)

For more of what we have been doing, check out my What's Up July post from this week here! 😊

Sunday afternoon we all needed a break from the same ole' same ole', so despite the rain we headed out for a Sunday Family Drive.
They have always been my FAVORITE!
We ended our ride with a yummy dinner at Allison's Finer Diner and even included our FAVORITE appetizer...Homemade potato chips with Alfredo sauce and blue cheese crumbles :)

On Monday, our babysitter took X for a yummy treat!
Frozen custard from Whit's is our FAVORITE!

X's FAVORITE thing this week has been soccer camp!
He had an absolute blast!
And I can't lie, I enjoyed watching my FAVORITE little player do his thing and really improve his skills :)

Unfortunately, one of my LEAST FAVORITE moments of the week was discovering that X had been bitten by a spider/insect of some kind :(
This one on his thumb was the first bite, and then a day later he had at least 4 more of them!
Poor kid!

A couple FAVORITES I found on Instagram this week...
This one is actually 100% because of me!
I watch WAY more football than my husband does!

The Blended Blog was posting their FAVORITE workout videos the other day, and Deena's post featured my FAVORITE video ;)
Within the post she introduced me to The Fitness Marshall.
Oh my goodness!
After two nights, these are definitely my FAVORITE workouts to do!
The best part is you don't even realize your working out, because of all the dancing and laughing ;)
Yes, I said laughing!
Have you heard of The Fitness Marshall?
Here are a few of my FAVORITES...

And that is it for the last week of July!
Do you have any big plans for the weekend?

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