Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Show & Tell | My Phone

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Today we are talking about what is on our phones.

Honestly, I am pretty simple when it comes to things on my phone.
Some days I would like to use a few other apps here and there, but I swear I no more than put them on my phone and I get a message that I don't have much space left.
Now that could be because I keep a zillion pictures on my phone, but I reassure myself that can't be it ;)

Something else you might notice as you look at my screen...no notifications!
It seriously makes me go crazy when I see phones that have a million emails/texts/etc. waiting.
So I have them all turned off.
I only see them if I open the apps.
Well, except for text messages.
Otherwise, nothing else makes a sound or has a number on it waiting for me.
Less stressful that way in my opinion :)

My staple apps are on my second screen....I keep the first screen clear.
Am I the only person who does that?
I just can't stand to see a congested home screen!

Staples in my book....
Sirius XM

Other than Cartwheel and Maps, I use every one of those apps multiple times a day.

My baseline never changes....phone, text, email, internet and camera.

Other notable apps...

X and I use this quite a bit to watch videos of our favorite songs and have dance parties at night.

Our Groceries 
I love this one! Mic and I are both able to add things to our shopping list, so I know what he needs each week.

This is kind of a no brainer in my book.

I use this to add coupons to my card each week, and to refill Rx's.

I don't use this that often on my phone, but I have it there so if someone else sends me a message I will get an alert.

Because some days posts from other people are too good not to share :)

This was on my home screen up until recently. I have really cut down on getting my weekly fix on Sundays while I grocery shop. So now it is just there when I need it.

One that doesn't show currently is LocaLynx.
Mic and I both love it!
He has it on his phone, so I don't feel I "need" to have it.
It basically gives us coupons to shops/restaurants/etc. that are local to us.
But I believe you can change the location based on where you are.
We have used it multiple times are our favorite Japanese Steakhouse!

I use YouVersion Bible App on my phone as well.
This is great to wake up to each day :)

Now it is your turn...What am I missing out on?
Good apps for shopping, reading, watching TV, etc.
Any good games or apps for kids?

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