Friday Favorites | Long Weekend Edition

Friday, July 7, 2017

Linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika for...
Has this been the longest short week ever or what?!?!
So thankful today is Friday!
Speaking of Friday, let's get on with my favorites from the week!

Last week I dropped my ring off at the jewelers because a prong was chipped.
Honestly, I was surprised this was the first time (in 12 years) anything like this has happened considering I hit my hand on things all day long.

Fast forward a week and it was ready to pick up.
It was so shiny and beautiful!
It seriously felt like I had a brand new ring!

It will forever be my favorite piece of jewelry I own :)

X and I met Mic for dinner at ABC Kitchen (if your local, you need to try it out!) and was able to be enjoy my favorite - Lake Erie Perch :)

My niece's birthday party was postponed to Sunday due to rain, so I took advantage of some free time and treated myself to a pedicure :)
I seriously haven't had one in a few years!
It was wonderful!
Definitely one of my favorite "me" treats!

On Sunday we headed north to celebrate my niece turning ONE!
It was so HOT, so they had a little kiddie pool set up for the kids.
It was definitely X's favorite part!

And pretending to drive my dad's truck was a close second ;)

Most of the guests had left once this little one decided she was ready for her smash cake.
While the frosting wasn't her favorite, she definitely loved the cake!

From there we headed to my dad's house for a quick dinner before fireworks.
Little did we know we would be waiting almost two hours for those fireworks, but we enjoyed walking around...

and even tossing around a football.

But once those fireworks started, they did not disappoint!

The ones that have that crackling sound at the end are always my favorite!

X's favorite things are still Lego's.
My step mom won a big prize pack a couple months ago, and she gifted one of the boxes to X this weekend.
He couldn't wait to get home and get it put together!
So that is exactly what we did when we got home on Monday!
And then we took a picture for her :)

On Tuesday we kept things super low key.
We never left the house low key ;)
X's other favorite toys are dinosaurs and anything Jurassic Park/World.
So we decided to watch The Lost World: Jurassic Park II and Jurassic Park III.

Not so favorite moment of the week came right after we finished watching those movies and eating lunch...
Yes, that is a raccoon on top of my grill outside!!!!

In other news, I had some awesome favorites from instagram this week!
I actually reposted this one because I couldn't stop laughing at it!

Hey Texas ladies, can one of you tell me where this pool is located?
I need to plan a trip! :)


One of my favorite local shops is featuring graphic tees/tanks with logos from the 90's!
I must order a couple ASAP!

Ending today with a little weekend dance party!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for stopping by :)

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