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Friday, July 21, 2017

Linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika for...
Happy Friday!
I hope you all have been having a wonderful week!
My FAVORITE little guy has been having a blast the last couple of weeks!
I wasn't able to post these last Friday, so I'm backing up to late last week a bit to include them today :)

X went to COSI in Columbus last week and absolutely loved it!
Science and sports are his FAVORITE subjects right now :)

On Thursday last week they went to the Little Buckeye Museum!
He was so excited to dress up and pretend to work at McDonald's! lol!

They enjoyed lunch at Coney Island, and then hit up the carousel.
Talk about a great week with the babysitter!

He was super bummed that I couldn't do those activities with him, so he worked me I decided to work from home on Friday so he could play with his toys and chill.
Bonus of working from first package from my FAVORITE store arrived!
You can see all my #NSALE picks here :)

Mic decided to come home early from work and we surprised X by taking him fishing Friday afternoon!
He has been begging to go fishing, so he was beyond excited!
We rented a little boat and headed out on the water.

Unfortunately, the rod Mic bought was broken :(
So after a short meltdown, we regrouped and found a paddle that X had just as much fun playing with out on the water :)

Days like this one with my guys are definitely a FAVORITE!!!

We topped off a great week with our FAVORITE Superman ice cream!

On Saturday I headed north to my cousin's high school graduation party, while Mic and X headed to a friend's birthday party.
I absolutely LOVED all the pictures, playbills, etc. my cousin had displayed from her school years.
My step dad made that shadow box with the old film reel and the name of my cousin's film company!
It was truly amazing in person!

I can't wait to see what Hannah does next in college and beyond!

After a quick visit with everyone, it was time to head downtown Cleveland for the Luke Bryan concert with my dad and step mom :)

What is better than going to a really good concert?
Going to that said concert in an amazing venue!

Cleveland will always be my FAVORITE city!
It has my heart forever :)

Of course a fun night out with my dad must include shots!

Lauren Alaina, Brett Eldridge, and Luke Bryan put on an amazing show!
Seriously one of my very FAVORITE concerts to date!

We were super hungry after the concert, so we headed to one of my FAVORITE spots and inhaled my FAVORITE sandwich!
Panini's sandwiches are the BEST!
I normally don't like my food to touch, but I make an exception with these!

Sunday I made a quick stop to visit my Aunt before heading home to my guys.
Mic had work to do, so X and I headed to Kroger for our weekly groceries.
This cutie conned me into the police car cart that he is obviously too tall for :/

NOT SO FAVORITE moment of the week was when I was heading to pick up X on Monday after work.
A big rock flew off a dump truck and did some damage to my windshield :(

Thankfully, my FAVORITE windshield repair guy (my dad), and he was able to drive down on Tuesday morning to fix it for me :)

While we were outside this beauty decided to hangout with us :)

Meanwhile, X was living it up at a local splash park!

That evening we played X's FAVORITE - dinosaurs!

And in the blog world I joined some of my FAVORITE ladies - Ashley & Erika for Tuesday Talk!

On Wednesday morning we met our babysitter and her girls at the movie theater.
I loved watching them walk into together :)

In other news....some of my FAVORITE tanks/tops/sweaters would look really great with a bralette underneath instead of a regular bra or sports bra.
SO....I am in search of some!
Do you own any?
What brands?
Where did you buy them?
Give me all your suggestions :)

No Friday FAVORITES post is complete with some finds on Instagram/Facebook/Sirius Radio :)

How true is this next one?!?!

Have you heard this song yet?
I love it!!

One more thing before you go!

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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