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Friday, July 14, 2017

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Happy Friday Friends!
Let's jump right into those FAVORITES for the week!

When I went to Kroger on Sunday I saw that all the summer things were 75% off, so I couldn't resist picking up this blow up Tootsie Roll!
(Read all about our weekend in my Weekend in my life post)
Tootsie Rolls are my FAVORITE!
But since our pool is not getting fixed this year (insert all the crying emojis here),
I decided to let X have a little fun with it in the bath tub!
He loved it!

I also whipped up one of our FAVORITE recipes on Sunday evening for dinner.
Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls are so easy to make!
Check out this recipe and a few others I shared in my Show & Tell post from Tuesday :)

Monday I came home from work and just wasn't feeling right, so I deemed it ice cream before dinner night!
It was definitely one of X's FAVORITE nights this week!

Tuesday night we had our end of the season T-ball party, so I prepped part of the trophies during lunch.

And the finished product...

We enjoyed most of the kiddos and cookies!

It was definitely a FAVORITE moment of mine to see how happy those littles were receiving the trophies I had made for them :)

One of the little boys even gifted both of us coaches this cute baseball necklace as a thank you :)

One of my FAVORITE things to do is get pics of X of course!
But I also love getting pictures of him with the kiddos that he will most likely always be friends with :)
Even better....those kiddos parents either went to school with Mic or even graduated with him!

At the point of me writing this post I have yet to get my order to process with Nordstrom :(
I had a really hard time getting signed into the site and actually adding things to my cart.
And once I had everything to checkout it said the site wasn't working properly.
I tried calling multiple times to place my order, but it was super busy.
I finally got through and waited on hold for 40 minutes before being told that the rep's computer was no longer working properly and he would have to call me back :(
Praying that I can still snag those items in my size before they sell out!

If you saw my Instastories last night than you know all things are good on the Nordstrom front!
Their customer service is my absolute FAVORITE!!!!
Chris called me back about 30 minutes later and had my order ready to process :)
But he did even better than that...he gave me free next day shipping due to all the issues they were having.
How awesome is that???
All but one item should be arriving sometime today!!! EEK!
I can't wait!
I will post next week what I ordered and such, but I would love to know in the comments below what you ordered or have your eye on :)
I am sure there are a few more things I will add before the sale is over, but the items I picked up yesterday were things I didn't want to sell out.

If you have been watching the weather reports you may have noticed that Ohio is getting insane amounts of rain over the last couple of weeks.
Meaning cutting the grass just isn't happening!
So please disregard the jungle that is going on in our backyard in the next couple of pictures ;)
Most of that jungle is the woods, but the grass itself looks rough!

So while animals in general are NOT MY FAVORITE, I do love seeing all the deer on or around our property.
They are definitely my FAVORITE :)
X and I call them friends :)
Look how cute this baby deer is!

Last night X was on a mission to cook or bake something.
Of course, he won't make anything actually edible with me #GRRR
So I try to control what he uses as best as possible.
This particular treat was make with coffee creamer, lots of colored sugar sprinkles, pink salt, peanuts, and marshmallows.
While those treats are NOT MY FAVORITE (thankfully Mic usually is the taste tester), this guy sure is!

I can't leave without some FAVORITES from Instagram and Sirius Radio this week :)

Look at these camo shoes! Eek!

And because I am going to see Luke Bryan, Brett Eldridge and Lauren Alaina this weekend :)

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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