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Friday, August 4, 2017

Linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika for...
This week has been interesting that is for sure.
More on that on Monday, so be sure to stop back.

Let's get to what you are really here FAVORITES!

Like most things in life these days, I am seriously behind in my One Year Bible.
Like I am currently reading multiple days when I get the chance...and I am still only in the middle of June! :/
Either way, I am reading it when I get to and have found that the Proverbs on each day are truly my FAVORITE part!

Are there any books out there just of proverbs that you suggest?

Our weekend was filled with me cleaning the inside of the house, while Mic mowed and weeded the outside, and X did his FAVORITE :)
By the time we were done I knew I wasn't in the mood to make dinner (or mess up the freshly cleaned kitchen), so we headed to I-HOP for some pancakes and crepes.
Spending time with these two is my absolute FAVORITE thing to do!

Mic and I even enjoyed another Sunday drive and dinner (this time by ourselves), while X decided to play at my in-laws house.

On Monday our babysitter had an appointment, so I picked up X early and treated him to our FAVORITE frozen custard!
And we are practically twins when it comes to our order ;)
Vanilla with sprinkles for him....
and chocolate with sprinkles for me :)

I am currently writing this post on Thursday morning, so fingers crossed the weather holds up because I am headed to the Cleveland Indians game with my dad tonight!
Since I won't get to see this guy before he goes to bed, he wanted me to take a couple of pictures so I don't forget him :)
Hands down my FAVORITE little guy!

You know I can't leave you without some FAVORITES from social media this week!

Please tell me I am not the only who feels this way....

Of course I saw this and immediately thought of X :)
While I didn't name him after the school, I do wish he would attend Xavier University for college.
It is such a beautiful campus!
And it doesn't hurt that it is still in Ohio :)

And my final thoughts going into the weekend....

That is it for this week for me!
I am looking forward to some back-to-school shopping with my little guy this weekend,
and then enjoying a low-key evening with friends :)
Only 2 1/2 more weeks until school starts, soccer starts, and my FAVORITE season will almost be here :)
Oh, and don't forget preseason football starts this weekend!!!!
It just makes my soul smile :)

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