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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Unless you are new around here you probably know that I love camo print.
In fact, some may even call it an unhealthy love...but we don't need to bother ourselves with those people ;)

I have jeans, scarves, hats, tees, leggings, etc.
I bought these Kut from the Kloth jeans a few years ago, so they are unfortunately sold out :(
 I received this amazing scarf from the super sweet Deena :)

This hat is from Target a few years ago, but they always seem to be offering a newer version in store.

 And most of X's jackets/coats, some pants/shorts, and tees are camo print.
I picked up this North Face fleece a few years ago in the #NSALE and X and I both loved it!

I just recently added the following to mine and X's collections...
Camo Backpack - Target

Camo Hat - Target
Camo J.Crew Sweater - Nordstrom
X's Camo Jordan's - Nordstrom
Yes, I already have a pair of teardrop camo earrings...
BUT they are not from N&S and are smaller so these are totally justified ;)

And now I am thinking about adding these shoes and possibly this sweatshirt.

And maybe this tee for X :)

Help!!! I can't control myself around camo print! lol!
Tell me you love camo print as much as I do!
If so, what am I missing out there! lol!
But seriously...what else do I need to add to my collection?

Linking up with lovely ladies at The Blended Blog today :)

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