Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Bucket List

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Your Fall Bucket List

Apple Hill Orchard is located not too far from us and I really hope to go pick some apples with Mic and X before the season is over.
And maybe take a few fun photos too!

I used to love to play in the leaves as a child.
I can't wait to share the fun with X!

I have done well for the past 2 weeks meal planning and prepping for the week. My goal is to keep it up all month and see how much money I saved by doing so!

While sitting at home cheering on the Cleveland Browns can be fun, I love being apart of the action at the stadium!
We have plans to attend a game this Fall and I can't wait!

Late Fall/early Winter are super busy with family birthdays, the holidays, etc.
Mic and I like to start our shopping early so we have time to enjoy the holidays instead of rushing around buying presents, spending too much, etc.

I couldn't make a Fall Bucket List without including pumpkins!
I plan on enjoying pumpkin coffee creamer, muffins, dinner, decor, candles, lotion, and so much more!
And if we have time a trip to a Pumpkin Patch!

What is on your Fall Bucket List?
Make sure to check out Taylor & Helene to see what is on their lists as well!

And because today is Sunday....
Let's Go


  1. Ohh now i'd like to know how you're making pumpkin muffins! Is there any special recipe, that you might want to share?
    Luchessa @

  2. I definitely need to start my Christmas shopping too! I like to start it early. I've only bought one gift so far...I'm behind, lol

  3. I got a jumpstart on my christmas shopping already. It feels weird. I'm almost ALWAYS scrambling around at the last minute. stopping by for #blogtober14

    Midwest Darling

  4. I haven't even started to think about Christmas shopping yet! Its great that you're starting so early!

    Andrea // CocoDrizzle

  5. love your list!!! I started thinking about Christmas shopping I just need to start doing it, we are debating on a few things this year so we are waiting to save some $$$ up

  6. I'm with Cari, I've started thinking about it but haven't started. Nice list!


  7. Oh no I should probably start thinking about Christmas shopping....eek! ;)


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