Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Letter to Myself in 10 years

Dear Vanessa,

Holy crap you are 45 years old! You look amazing! All those booty barre classes paid off! ;) I hope you have been able to relax more and enjoy life. This current decade has been a bit stressful from becoming a mom, to owning your own business, to health scares and more.

Speaking of becoming a mom - X should be 12 now! WOW! Instead of wanting to play and be around you all the time, I bet he is ignoring you all day long! Are you missing the terrible 2's now? lol!

While I would love to think you have continued blogging all these years, I have to face reality. If X is anything like us, that kid is probably involved in everything he possibly can be these days!

Since I am not one to get too deep - did that change at all in 10 years? Probably not. I am going to end here and just say that I am glad to see you alive, looking good, and (hopefully) enjoying life in every way possible!

And please, take your time arriving here.

Your much younger self :)

Helene in Between Blogtober
Taylor/Helene #BLOGTOBER14


  1. hehe, that's funny, Booty Barre paid off. Wow I can't believe in 10 years we'll have double digit kids...seems like so far away, yet I'm sure we'll blink and they'll be moody teenagers.


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