Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween memories & #xvsdailylife2014 Week 39

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Best or worst Halloween memory. #TBT

I wish I had access to some old photos right now, because you would honestly see that I went as a "Punk Rocker" or "Jem" for quite a few years. I loved it! Rockin' an itchy shiny blue or pink wig with my super cool 80's clothes (from my actual closet of course) and microphone. 
I mean, you know the outfit was not complete without the mic right?
Buy the costume here.

After my brother and I got all dressed up, my dad would drive us over to my grandparents house to trick-or-treat in their neighborhood. It was perfect! Street after street of houses handing out candy or popcorn balls or even money! A few houses even decorated and had lights and music going as you ran walked up to the door. I still remember one house having a light shining on the front door where a only a hand appeared to give you your treat.
I was terrified It was awesome! ;)
It was always so much fun to be out in the dark on Halloween filling our bag or pumpkin or pillowcase full of sugary goods.
Of course when it was all over we would go back to my grandparents house and check out what we got.
I could honestly throw most of the stuff away except the Tootsie Rolls. And don't even try to trick me with the generic or flavored ones. 
The original is by far the best and only one for me :)

Boy did I love being a kid in the 80's! :)

 Day 274 ~ Some days just call for a soft pretzel the moment you walk in the door!

Day 275 ~ Two of my favorite guys got to spend the day together, and then I got to join them for dinner! Love them!

 Day 276 ~ Just a little excited for my S'mores Party coming up!
From regular to coconut to candy corn and more!

Bonus photo
 I just got worked by this cheesy grin!
At least I got a PSL out of it :)

 Day 277 ~ I love what I find in the Target Dollar Spot :)

 Day 278 ~ The shadow of a boy throwing a tantrum.

 Day 279 ~ Enjoying my first Honeycrisp apple of the year!
So good!

Day 280 ~ After bath time fun consisted of pretending to be mommy :)


  1. I love halloween as a kid! it's the best! haha I bet your Jem costume was awesome!

  2. Ok I love what you found in the dollar bin! Super cute! And WOW to all of those marshmallows! What a fun sounding party!!!

  3. Very cool post. Thanks for the good read :)

  4. oh I love honey crisp apples! Love his cakepop smile...too cute!


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