Monday, October 13, 2014

Potty Training

Eek! Those are such exciting and terrifying words!
When you make the decision to become a parent there are so many wonderful things that your future holds with your child.
Potty training was never one of those things I looked forward to :(
I have heard all kinds of stories from children catching on with ease and being completely trained by one years old, to kids still terrified to use the toilet until almost 5 years old!

Shortly after turning 2 years old, X showed signs of being interested in using the "Big Boy" potty.
He wanted to sit on it, "wipe", etc.
However, nothing ever came from it and the interest faded away.
He honestly wasn't even close to potty training at the time so we didn't mind to continue with diapers.

That little guy will be 3 soon!
That means preschool. And preschool means you must be potty trained.
Since I work full time this task will not be easy.
Since X spends most of his days at daycare, they keep him on a pretty good schedule of trying to go potty every hour or so.
At home it can be a heck of lot harder to remember to have him "try".
The Big Kid Academy is perfect.
You can find tips & advice, personalized charts, an app for your phone, and so much more!

X started potty training about a month ago and was doing really well.
But mommy and daddy dropped the ball :(
He would do good at daycare and then at home we just never had him try. Such bad parents.
That is all about to change!
I have enrolled X in the Big Kid Academy and we are ready to take on this challenge!

Last week X and I went to one of my favorite spots - Target :)
We drove our cart right by the diapers to the Pull-Ups section.
He was excited to see Jake on the package and was eager to throw them in the cart.
You would have thought it was a toy!
We decided to pick up a package of day time pull-ups as well as night time ones :)

Today is the day my friends!
Mommy is taking charge and X is going to be potty trained by his 3rd birthday (fingers crossed)!
With the tips I have received from the Big Kid Academy about potty training while being a working parent I know we can do this!

Once you have enrolled in the Big Kid Academy, head to your app store on your phone to download the "Time to Potty" app.
You can create a profile for each child you are potty training, set the a timer for when to try, and so much more!

Besides having the app on my phone I have printed my custom Potty Progress Chart from the Big Kid Academy.

I know with the help of the Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy I X WE can do this!
You and your child can too!

Five Things to Remember When Potty Training
1. Stock up on fun Pull-Ups 
2. Enroll in the Big Kid Academy
3. Download the Time to Potty app on your phone
4. Make it fun for your child with stickers or other rewards
5. Stay calm

To enroll in the Big Kid Academy and start receiving tips and more click here.
Enrollment and use of the entire site is completely free.
What do you have to lose?
That's right, nothing!

~ Thanks to Pull-Ups for sponsoring this post and helping me potty train with the Big Kid Academy ~


  1. Can't wait to hear how it all goes. He will do great and so will you. :)

  2. Good luck momma! He's a smart cookie so I'm sure he'll get it! Just know that he will have accidents and it might take time!

  3. good luck! That app sounds great. Too bad I didn't know about it when we were potty training Baby Fox. We used our really annoying oven timer that doesn't go off until you hit the off times ahead my friend.