Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Best/Worst Vacation & 8 Is Great!

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Best/Worst Vacation

I am a Midwest girl who likes to mainly vacation along the east coast. Most years we end up in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area because both Mic and I grew up going there with our families.
We have also taken little weekends here and there - places that aren't the beach as well, but usually not west of Illinois.

Anyways, so my best vacation (at least one week) would be when we went to Savannah, Georgia for our honeymoon.
It wasn't because we were caught up in the romance of just being married either.
We honestly arrived the weekend of Oktoberfest and were there through a Friday the 13th.
It was just perfect!
The town is gorgeous to walk around!
From the squares to the Spanish moss in the trees to River Street (you can walk around in the street with your adult beverage), there is something for everyone in Savannah.
There is even Tybee Island beach within a short drive.
Mic and I even went back a few years later and loved it just as much as the as the first time we were there.
In my dream world, we would live there now. Or at least retire there :)
Some days I really think I was supposed to live in the south, specifically Georgia.
We enjoyed wonderful food, super nice people, beautiful weather, and great memories.
I would honestly tell everyone I know to visit Savannah!
Oh yeah, and that famous cook named Paula Deen has a restaurant there too :)

My absolute favorite place to eat in Savannah is Molly MacPherson's Scottish Pub.
Simply the best!

As for the worst vacation....there are moments here and there in all of them, but nothing was down right horrible.

Back to my most favorite vacation....
It happened 8 years ago this week :)
Mic and I became Mr. & Mrs. on this very day in 2006.
Happy Anniversary to an amazing husband and father!
I honestly love you more and more each day we are together :)

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff...well, because that just isn't me!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I LOVE Savannah! A friend got married there so we decided we probably wouldn't chose to go there on our own so why not. So much fun walking around with drinks and people watching! Everything was just so pretty.


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