Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Fun | Favorite Things Party

We didn't do a whole heck of a lot this weekend, but it was still a good time!
After work on Friday we took X to get a haircut and Mic decided to join him.
X actually wanted to sit by himself in the tractor chair and only fussed when she sprayed his hair with water.

Fresh cut & only a few tears.
I call that success!

On Saturday Mic had office work to do so X and I just played around the house.
He even did a little coloring at his table, instead of playing with cars or running laps.
Once X took a nap and Mic finished his work, we decided to take a drive and enjoy the beautiful day.
We ended up at the Overlook at Mohican State Park in Loudonville.
Family Selfie = Total Fail! lol!

X loves to make faces for the camera. So that is exactly what we did on the ride to dinner.
 We ended up at one of my favorite comfort spots - Cracker Barrel.
This kid is the best!

 We ended our evening hanging out with some friends, eating some yummy food, and watching football.

Sunday was a typical lazy day.
I was able to get a quick run in on the treadmill before grocery shopping.
It was amazing! I haven't worked out in a month and I was seriously going crazy!

Since the Browns game wasn't on until 4:25 (really?), Mic and X took naps together while I made Dinner in a Pumpkin and got sucked into Scream 4.
I didn't even know they made it until I stumbled on it while flipping channels.
I hate all scary movies! The Scream trilogy is honestly the only ones I have ever watched all the way through.
I kind of felt obligated to watch the 4th movie.
In pure daylight, while making dinner, I watched Scream 4 and was scared out of my mind!
Why do I do this to myself? Who knows!
Either way, I am glad I had the Browns game to watch afterwards to get my mind off of it!
The funny thing about it wasn't that scary. I am just a complete wuss when it comes to horror or suspense movies of any kind!

After the movie we enjoyed our dinner and watched the Browns beat the Raiders :)
It was a great weekend!

What did you do this weekend?
Did your team come away with a win?

And I couldn't forget about linking up with Erika & Andrea for

I am keeping it super simple today.
In honor of Halloween, my favorite thing under $10 is...
Halloween Oreos! They are so good! And only $2.98 a package!!
I have no idea why they taste better than the original ones, but they do!
I can't wait for the red Christmas ones now! 

What is your favorite item under $10 right now?


  1. I'm a total wuss at scary movies too. I mean I can't even watch the trailers, like the ouija one out right now? Just thinking about it scares me, haha! I love how you guys just take random drives and end up in the coolest places! That's not so easy where I live...haha! And Baby Fox's preschool teacher had those oreo's I thought they were so cool with the orange in them. Do they taste the same? Oreo's used to be my vice when I was able to eat them...sigh.

  2. Eeekkk, i hate scary movies also! I'm like why torture myself! Your weekend looks really relaxing! Love me some oreos!!!!

  3. Love the photos of you guys at the state park!
    You have such great skin, by the way :)

  4. Those mama/son selfies are too adorable!! You guys are always having the best fun :)