Friday, October 10, 2014

Favorites Friday & #BLOGTOBER14

Friday, Friday, Friday!
I am so ready for the weekend!

As always linking up with Erika/Narci/Andrea, Amy/Karli, and Darci & crew!



Fall in Ohio is just beautiful!
This photo is heading towards my in-laws house.
I can't wait to see all the colors develop over the next couple of weeks :)

My dad came down and watched X again for us on Tuesday and stayed for Mic and I to grab a bite to eat.
While I would have loved to go to Columbus for our anniversary, it wasn't in the cards time wise.
So we settled on a yummy local Japanese Steakhouse :)

I got to stay home with X on Thursday (hence the super late Friday post) and had a lot of fun with him :)
Only a couple tantrums (if you could even call them that)!
We drew on the chalkboard, colored in his new TMNT coloring book, played cars, and even took a trip to Target!
He actually sat in the cart the entire time and was so good!
He of course was rewarded with a new TMNT doll of his choice :)
Shredder, AKA "the bad guy" came home with us. lol!

Not a dramatic bone in his body ;)

I am still hooked on Dancing with the Stars and this week was excellent!
I had tears in my eyes when Lea Thompson danced --- I love that song!
While I loved Sadie & Mark's dance, Alfonso and Whitney took it home with "The Carlton"!
Can't wait for the switch up next week!

Who are your favorites?

We are headed north to cheer on my Cleveland Browns to a (fingers crossed) victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday!
I can't wait to tailgate with my fam and watch my boys play!


Helene in Between Blogtober

I never thought blogging would...

Turn into this awesome, amazing thing that I look forward to doing every day!
I love the community and the friends that I have made through this small piece of the web.
I honestly never thought I would meet some of those amazing ladies either (I have been to 2 great blogger meet ups)!
I look forward to many more in the future :)
Another thing I never thought blogging would do was give me so much confidence to just be me.
It has welcomed me with open arms just the way I am,
and has continued to push me to truly be ME :)

Thank you!


  1. the community really is incredible. and i LOVE the witney carlton dance!!

  2. I haven't kept up with DWTS but I saw the Carlton and that was enough for me!! LOVE it :) And now I'm really thinking Jared and I need to do sushi tonight lol!

  3. I am loving DWTS this season! I love Sadie, love Alfonso but I am loving Derek and his partner and Janelle and Val. So many good ones! And you are so right--the Midwest has the best October, the best fall ever! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Hahaha Shredder... I recently learned all about him thanks to my son! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. That sushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sadie and Janel are my favorites w. Alfonso close behind!!!