Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend Mic was in a wedding for one of his childhood friends.
My in-laws are close with the family as well, which meant I had no babysitter option for X.
Yes, I know he is almost 3yo and I should have a babysitter backup, but I don't.
I have a few people that have offered their kids and such, but I thankfully have been lucky enough to just have him stay with my in-laws. 
And on some days even one of my parents have driven down (1 1/2 hours) to watch him :)
We are spoiled!
Anyways, back to my weekend recap.
So since the whole fam was attending the wedding, X had to join me.
To say I was nervous of how he would act inside the church would be an understatement.
I was seriously sweating buckets!
On top of getting him and myself ready without Mic around he is sporting a lovely Fall cold :(
He easily could have taken a 3-4 hour nap on Saturday, but we didn't have time for that!
I actually had to wake him and immediately move him into the bath tub.
He was seriously half asleep!
Thankfully, bath time went pretty quick and without too much screaming.
He was dressed and ready to leave for the church in 15 minutes!
That might be a new record! lol!
We arrived and sat towards the back since I wasn't sure if we were going to have to make a run for it.
He showed me a side of him I had never seen before...he sat through most of the ceremony right next to me without saying much at all!
He started getting a bit restless towards the end and decided to walk in and out of the pews behind us.
He still was super quiet! 
Thank you God for showing me my child can do this!
He was the best wedding date I could have asked for (other than Mic) :)

I took this moments after my FIL threw his bird seed unintentionally all down the back of the brides dress!

After the ceremony we had some time to kill before the reception so we stopped by Mickey D's for some chicken nuggets.
I probably would have bought him a new toy for how good he was at the church, but he requested chicken nuggets ;)

X sat through dinner pretty well, but then wanted to move around and see daddy.
He had fun running around on the dance floor, dancing with Mic, and eating way too much cake!
Mic walked into the reception while "I wear my sunglasses at night" was playing.

You would never know this kid was sick with how much fun he was having!

We had a good time and actually made it home for X's bedtime!

Here's to hoping I see more of that child that was in the church :)


  1. Aww!! What a sweet calm little man he was! That's so awesome. Glad you guys had a fun time! :)

  2. My son was 3 when he was in my laws wedding and he did awesome too. It must be all the excitment.
    Hope all is well.