Thursday, September 11, 2014

#xvsdailylife2014 Week 35

 Day 246 ~ WOW! This pumpkin pecan waffle candle from Bath and Body Works is amazing!

 Day 247 ~ I am loving our new landscaping!

 Day 248 ~ So glad he likes healthy snacks :)

 Day 249 ~ Donated a ton of clothes today :)

 Day 250 ~ Mommy & X's matching outfits are ready to go!
It's game day baby! Go Browns!

Day 251 ~ Can't get enough of TMNT in our house!

Day 252 ~ It was the perfect night for some chili!


  1. That chili looks amazing! I am running home to make some now! HA

  2. Wow!! Great job with the donation bags! I really need to do the same before the holidays!
    I'm so ready for a big pot of chili! Hurry up cool weather!!