Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

I apologize in advance for the lack luster post today.
I didn't do much this weekend, and I took even less pictures than what I did :(
Something you should know about me...I don't do well on a long weekend without something fun to do.
Heck, I don't do well on a regular weekend without something to do.
I can't imagine why X is the way he is...go, go, go! lol!
This long Labor Day weekend I had NO plans!
Mic had plans and things he had to do, but X and I were completely free. Not good in our world!
We did leave the house almost every day to run errands of some kind, but still that isn't really doing something in my world :(
At the end of the day I am truly grateful for the comfortable life I have. I just need to work on being Ok with not doing something every weekend.
Thanks to Mic and X for dealing with my depressing state of mind all weekend. Love you both :)

So onto what we did do!
Friday night we headed out to Menard's and Lowe's to check out some paint and such.
Before doing that we made a stop at Skyline Chili (one of my all time faves) for dinner.

X received a popsicle with his meal :) Yeh..sticky city! Not!
He started off eating it like normal person, until he realized he liked the red part best.

Saturday morning Mic needed to pick up a few things for a bachelor party/cookout he was attending that day. We decided to make it a family trip to Kroger since we wouldn't see him the rest of the day.
X was fascinated by the lobsters, but yet still said "Yucky" and "Scary". That boy is just like his mommy :)

My mom came down on Saturday and brought X and I lunch :)
They played together for a little while and then she had to head back home :(
This pic of them is super blurry, but they were having so much fun laughing together!

Sunday was filled with grocery shopping, and then another trip to Menard's and Lowe's.
We had a few gift cards for Red Lobster, so we decided to enjoy a family dinner out.
X was not feeling the goofiness of his daddy. lol!

Cheddar Bay Biscuits always deserve a photo and a place on the blog :)
SO yummy!

On Monday morning I whipped up a bath of Shay's (Mix and Match Mama) Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip Muffins.
Three ingredients = Super duper easy!

Oh my goodness are these things amazing!!!
They were a huge hit!

I ended my long weekend with a Booty Barre class :)
It was just what I needed to get my mind out of the funk I was in!

So what did you do this weekend?
Swim, cookout, travel?
I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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  1. Oooooh, and now I wish I was having Skyline for lunch! We need to meet up halfway and do a Skyline date- I feel that would be perfect ;) PS- Love X's Mike pillow hehe

  2. I'm the exact same way about weekends with no plans, especially long weekends! It drives my husband crazy that I'm not happy to sit at home. ;) Those muffins look delicious. I love her recipes!


  3. We didn't have plan this weekend either, but we always manage to get ourselves into trouble. I went to a barre fusion class...want to try the booty barre...although they don't offer it at my gym. Hmm...but in general I agree, sometimes exercise is just what we need to get us in a better mood.

  4. Went out to dinner with the Mr and a cookout.


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