Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Five & September Pin-spired!

It is Friday and it is a holiday weekend!
Bring on the three days off work!
I have some super fun plans like clean the house, catch up on laundry, go grocery shopping, etc. ;)
I also plan to spend lots of time with Mic and X :)

FYI: Today is going to go a bit long.
Not only do I have my normal Friday Five & Favorites link ups, but I also have the wonderful monthly Pin-spired link up!

Let's get to it shall we!

Just throwing out all the link ups right here, right now.




eXecution Factory (Mic & my fantasy football team) is in place and ready to battle!
We went to our annual draft party this past Sunday and I think we were able to get some really good players.
I am hoping for big numbers from Andrew Luck and all of our wide receivers.

Project: Move X to a big boy room is in full swing!
Furniture has been moved, a theme is set, and colors have been chosen!
I have big plans this weekend to patch, sand, and possibly get a coat of paint on the walls in X's big boy room!
Pics and recap to come in the future :)

Another great week of Booty Barre class and eating healthy has paid off!
I am only 3lbs. shy of my next goal :)
So the following link up comes at the perfect time!

Not Entirely Perfect

I will be participating in Choose Your Own Adventure link up each month with Stephanie & friends :)
September's theme is Fitness.
To find out more about the link up and to join the fun check out Not Entirely Perfect today!

In case you didn't see my pic from the other day, here it is again...
I enjoyed my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season on Tuesday morning :) It definitely made the day just a little bit better!
Since I am not a hit up Starbucks every day kind of girl (my wallet can't handle that), I have used my delicious Pumpkin Spice creamer the rest of the week.
I will be picking up the Starbucks version again this weekend when I do my grocery shopping though :)

Knocking on wood as I type this....X has been a dream this week!
He is so sweet and polite saying Thank you and such.
Giving extra snuggles, saying "I love you mommy", etc.
He loves to dance around with me, watch and play football ~ proud mommy moment, and enjoys taking his vitamins.
The biggest thing this past week is the amount he is talking!
I honestly can't understand half of it, but he is so passionate about the story he is telling.
He moves his arms all around, head back and forth, and even gets louder the more into it he is.
There are days that are trying and the temper tantrums feel like they will never end.
But I need to try to forget about those bad times and focus on times where we are just laughing to laugh :)

I really wanted to recreate so many outfits this month, but the weather just wasn't working with me.
I think my Fall Style board on Pinterest is dying to show itself off, but unfortunately the Ohio weather is acting as though we are in the middle of summer!
Daily temps in the mid to upper 80's and humidity that is just unreal!
So Fall board you will have to wait until next month :(
Here are a couple of outfits I did manage to squeeze in this month.

Inspiration photo

I love how effortless this look is!
Totally work appropriate and 100% me!
I unfortunately don't have the exact items, so I put my spin on it with what I did have in my closet.

My recreation

Swapped the top and bottom colors and added a red belt and shoes instead of the neutrals.
All items are super old, but here are a few similar ones...
Red belt and shoes

My next look I wore for a girl's night out/birthday celebration.
I saw this pic and I knew I had almost the exact same pieces to recreate the look!

Inspiration photo

My recreation
That evening was especially hot, so I swapped out the pants for shorts, but I think the outfit still turned out good.
Gold necklace - similar
Oatmeal blazer - similar
Black tank and shorts
Black sandals - similar

I was so comfortable in the outfit!
It was easy to dance in and I wasn't freezing as the night cooled off.
It was the perfect Vanessa outfit :)

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Were you pin-spired in August?
Maybe you found a new recipe or a fun DIY project.
I would love to hear about it in the comments below :)

Happy Friday!
Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


  1. Love that blazer! An oatmeal blazer is definitely a wardrobe staple. And I love that you paired it with shorts. Super cute!

  2. LOVE all the outfits! You are adorable! Glad you've had a great week.

  3. Oh, he is so sweet! I can't wait until Mia starts saying "I love you"! She's FINALLY started saying "momma" (she went through a rebellious stage where she didn't call me anything, ha ha) and it melts my heart!
    Big boy room!! How exciiiiiting!

  4. I am dying to wear fall clothes also....but it's in the 90s here in California!
    Love your recreated outfits....SO cute!!!! Looked like you had a fun girls night out!

  5. I am totally addicted to the Pumpkin Spice from Starbucks, as well! But hey, the creamer is a close second! Horray for fall. And great looks!!

  6. Love the linen blazer Vanessa! You look great in everything! Thanks for linking up! xoxo, Sheaffer :)

  7. These looks are wonderful, Vanessa! Your white shirt, gray skirt combo with pops of red is fabulous and your blazer look is so polished. Super smart to swap out shorts for the look, too! Glad you enjoyed your first pumpkin spice latte of the season. I'll have to make sure and do that soon, too!

  8. Love both of your recreations, especially the oatmeal blazer with the black shorts! Such a cute look!


  9. I love both of these looks! The second one is especially me - I love the whole black on black with an accent thing. :-)

  10. Love the outfits! I need to try this whole pin-spired idea out! And there's a giveaway going on at Hill Collection that I'd love for you to join!