Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Five

I have lots of favorites from this week, but I am going to try to narrow it down to just five for you :)

I have really developed an amazing group of girlfriends here in the field! It is always a great time hanging out with them ~ from shopping (which is seriously not my favorite thing to do), to booty barre class, to cookouts, to birthday celebrations!
We truly just click on all the same levels :)

One of those ladies above (second from the left) just opened her own workout studio on Monday evening called Evolve!
Carrie is truly an amazing instructor! Her classes are always full and she really coaches you through a great workout.
If you are in the area you must sign up for a class!
I promise you won't be sorry! Sore yes, but sorry no way!

I found this free printable  and many others on Pinterest and I can't wait to print and display them!
I am not going to fight it anymore! Fall decor is getting put out and hung up this weekend :)

The 2nd Annual Scarf Exchange is the works!
(read about the 1st year here)
The date is set and the invites have been sent out!
We decided to move to a bigger location this year too!
I can't wait to see my friends from high school and exchange some fun scarves!
I am thinking it might be fun to have an exchange here in the field too!
And why not a blogger scarf exchange as well?
The "stealing" part might have to be taken away, but the idea of exchanging with fellow bloggers sounds like fun enough for me :)
Let me know if you are interested and I can get something planned.

Preseason football began on Thursday night, but the most important game is on Saturday! My Cleveland Browns take on the Detroit Lions for their first preseason game of the year.
I am a bit pumped about it! Who am I kidding? I am frickin' ecstatic that football season is finally here!!!!
You will find me hanging out with friends, enjoying some good BBQ and drinks, and rockin' my Joe Haden jersey :)

What are your favorite things from this past week?
Are you ready for some football?

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Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I love the scarf exchange!! So much fun! I may have to do it too.

  2. I have the choice of my Winslow jersey (boooo) or my Cribbs one. Chances are I'll stick with Cribbs :)

  3. WOOOO- Lovin' the football part even though we are enemies when it comes down to it ;) Is that first pic at Cheddars?!?!

  4. Definitely count me in for a scarf exchange! - Deena


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