Monday, August 11, 2014

The Weekend

The weather was so nice this weekend!
It was a weekend meant for yard work, hanging out with friends, cookouts, etc.

Friday night Mic mowed the grass while X and I played with the water table, tossed a ball back and forth, and just hung out outside.
And X watered some weeds plants too! :)

After we finally ate dinner I headed to Kroger.
Hitting up the grocery store on Friday night at 9pm...I felt super old!
But then the wonderful cashier carded me for the wine I was purchasing and all was right with the world ;)

Saturday morning we were all up bright and early!
A couple of friends came over and helped Mic cut down 3 more trees in our yard.
I almost feel like we have a new house now!
I can't wait for the new landscaping to see what a difference it makes :)
 The before...
 And the after of the first pine tree going down.
 X was not a happy camper that he couldn't play with the chainsaw as well.
 Can't wait for those stumps to be removed and fresh landscaping to go in!
 This just made me laugh!

Since X couldn't help out we headed downtown to the free Touch a Truck event. We went last year and X loved it!
This year, not so much :(
We walked by all the trucks, but he did not want to get inside them :(

And he wanted to be carried the entire time :(
We walked by each vehicle and headed home :(
Maybe next year!

After the guys went home and cleaned up, everyone came back over for a fun, but super laid back cookout.
I made ribs and pasta salad and the other ladies filled in with some dips and dessert.
It was a great evening with friends :)
 Everyone eats cake with no hands right? :)

 He was such a sweaty mess from running around all night, but was ready to sit down for some s'mores!

Sunday X had us up by 6:30am! UGH!
We had all been in bed by 11pm the night before, but I thought for sure he would sleep longer than that after only taking a 30 minute nap on Saturday and going to bed almost 2 hours later than normal!
(Yes, that was a long sentence...Oh well!)
By 10am we were all fighting to stay we gave in and took a nap on the couch. All three of us!
And we didn't get up until almost 1pm! It was glorious!!!!

Starting your day at 1pm can be a bit rough though.
We ate lunch, cleaned up and then I was off to run errands at 4pm!
Once home we had some leftovers for dinner and X and I headed upstairs for some playtime, bath time, and bedtime :)

X was obsessed with wearing his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt all weekend! I mean, he cried when he had to take it off! lol!
It was perfect that one of the old TMNT movies was on last night before bed :)
Great way to end the weekend with my little guy!

How was your weekend?
Did you cookout or go swimming?
Does your town have fun events for the little ones?


  1. sounds like such a fun weekend!!! Those s`mores look yummy. Sometimes a family nap is much needed!!! Especially on a Sunday!!!

    have a great week!

  2. I love those little events for the kids. We have this one where it's all things that fly, rc planes/helicopters, BMX bikers doing tricks, dogs catching frisbees, etc. It was fun. We went swimming this weekend! Okay when I saw we, I mean Mr. and one of the kids :)

  3. Those s'mores look delish! They are by far my favorite summer-time snack! And Russell Stover's makes them now - super dangerous :)