Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A weekend of celebrations

This past weekend was pretty darn good if you ask me!
On Friday evening I went out with some friends to celebrate our friend Alissa's 30th birthday.
I can't honestly tell you the last time I had a girl's night out!
It was much needed and turned out to be so much fun!
We didn't get home until 3am!!!
Super fun, but I was super exhausted the next day.
 Our group when we arrived at Martini's on Main (minus 2 ladies).
 This drink was so good!!!
It was just vodka, ice, and a bunch of fresh fruit! 
Think strawberries, raspberries, and oranges. Oh My!
 Wood fire grilled pizzas! YUM!
The birthday girl enjoying a gummi bear shot :)

We all had so much fun together!

We made a few more stops while downtown before heading to one of the best hole in the wall bars in town.
Aren't hole in the wall bars just the best?
We ended our night there with dancing and a couple more shots :/
Have any of you had an orange creamsicle shot before? YUM!
It was truly a great night :)

However, Saturday morning came WAY too soon!
Mic had plans to cut down a few of the trees in our yard that morning before the rain started.
Meaning I was working on about 3 1/2 hours of sleep handing a crazy busy toddler.
And no I was not hungover....Thank God!
Just exhausted!
Nap time couldn't come soon enough! And I was more than happy to take a nap with X :)
 Thank God for good friends!
Brian is saving us a ton of money helping cut down our diseased trees!
 The after of the tree above.
We have someone who is updating our landscaping and will remove those stumps for us :)
 X wanted to help with the chainsaw and that was not going to happen!!!
I came home from Kroger with $12 less in my pocket, but seeing that kid smiling and having so much fun it probably could have cost me $100 and I would have bought it!
I don't know why we didn't have a mower for X yet, but he is in love!
For the past two days he wants to play with it instead of cars!
That is impressive! Can you say best $12 I have ever spent?

On Sunday X and I hung out at home while Mic got some work done at the office.
We played a little more with his new favorite toy before getting ready and heading up north for a cookout/wedding reception.
My step brother recently got married in Florida and had the family and friends over to celebrate.
It was great to see them, and some of his friends that I haven't seen in about 20 years (he was a senior when I was a freshman)!
X of course had to bring his mower with him, but then terrible two time came and he wouldn't share it with any of the other kids :(
Which then resulted in a few tantrums and pouty faces...
 After "resting" by himself in the grass he found some cars to play with and everything was right in the world again :)

We had a great time visiting with family.
We headed home to watch some Monster's University for at least the 3rd time that day before heading to bed.

How was your weekend?
Are you planning any last minute trips or fun days before school starts and summer ends?


  1. the mower, great purchase. We got one for Baby Fox for Christmas, he loves it, and ours spits out bubbles. That pouty face cracks me up! Looks like a great weekend, and 3am?! Girl I don't even know how you kept your eyeballs open!

  2. That is one group of gorgeous ladies in that first pic! You all look fabulous :) And yeah, that mower is ADORABLE and you can't beat a cheap purchase like that!!

  3. It looks like you guys had a great weekend. I hope she had a great birthday and I hope you have a great day!

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