Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Five: Fall Favorites

The weather this week has been nuts!
Monday night it was so humid at barre class that the floor was all wet!
It meant things were super slippery and we were all dripping in sweat!
On the bright side I burnt at least 600 calories in that hour class :)
The rest of this week has been amazing with temps in the low 70's!
I am seriously so ready for Fall!

Free printable found here.

Here some my favorite things I am looking forward to this Fall...

Comfy cute weekend shorts or sandals allowed!
I can't wait wear jeans every weekend with a tee or sweatshirt, throw on a hat, and some boots or converse.
It is the perfect season for puffer vests and cozy sweaters while sitting outside :)
Apparently, I like a lot of neutrals!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks :)
This cup of liquid heaven just announced it will be officially returning on August 25th!
Expect to see lots of instagram photos of this delicious drink from all of your friends :)

High School, College, and NFL! Oh My!
I love it all!
Heck, I even like flag football!
Crossing my fingers X will love the game as much as I do :)
My High School~Brookside/Mic's High School~Lexington

Apples & Pumpkins
They are two of my favorite foods, scents, pies to bake, and things to pick! lol!
We have a local apple orchard that I plan on bringing X to for some fun pictures. And I really hope we can make a trip to a pumpkin patch too!
And I know for a fact I will be picking up more of Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin lotion (maybe Orchard too!) :)

It comes in a super close second to being my favorite holiday (Christmas is #1 obviously!).
I love the colors, the costumes, the parties. I love it all!
Well, maybe not the scary part but the rest of it is magnificent!
See my Pinterest Halloween board here and my Fall treats board here.
I have totally been slacking this year on what X is going to be dressed up as :( Hoping to finalize that soon!
And how much fun would a Halloween party be?!?!
My mind is already planning it! lol!
Wouldn't these make a cute treats for the moms?
 Or how about these for the kiddos?

What are you looking forward to this Fall?
Do you take your kiddos to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard?
Do you attend a Halloween party?
What are you kiddos dressing up as this year?

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  1. Love everything about this post!!! These cooler temps this week are making me long for fall

    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. I totally agree with this whole post!! I can't wait either and...Aug. 25th?!! I can't believe it! This is great news!

  3. I'm so ready for football :) Although the Bears game last night made me really mad at them, I still don't know how they one. They better pull it together for the regular season.

  4. Another fall lover! I can't get enough of that season and am SO ready for it too!! Love this post and it's autumn vibe, it has me excited all over again! Happy weekend to you!

  5. If I wasn't already excited about fall enough you just sent me into full on fall mode. I think I may wear a scarf today. :) So glad I came across your blog today. Adorable family. Happy Friday!

  6. Oh my word yes to EVERYTHING you just listed above! It is like you are my fall soul mate! Ha! I too am a fan of the neutrals. I mean, it's just classy. And football--we are are beyond excited in this house! Just yes to all of it! Have a great weekend! (Oh--and barre class sounds intense!)

  7. It is still summer living in Canada, but I am so excited for the PSL to be returning to SBX!!! I love me some fall, too!!!

  8. ME! ME! ME!!! I'm ready for fall!!!!!! :) :) and football, and everything pumpkin related...hehe

  9. Hi- just stopping by from the linkup… this post makes me so so so excited for fall- it's my favorite season!! Halloween is my favorite holiday… well… maybe tied with Christmas like you said. But I'm so excited for all things boots, PSL, and orange. Happy Friday :)


  10. I love this post!! OMG....I definitely have to make those pudding cups for my kids! And hooray for Pumpkin lattes!

  11. I love Fall too! Can't wait till it comes! :)
    Visiting from September FARM. Happy weekend!

  12. Love your picks!! I am such a summer girl, but this is the first year I really can't wait for fall!! Can't wait to wear all my #nsale items, put my jeans and boots back on and have a few pumpkin ales while watching football!! Have a great weekend

  13. PSL is back Aug 25??? Dying a little inside that it will still be 100+ degrees in Scottsdale, and I will feel silly ordering one (not that it will stop me!)

  14. Yay, for fall!! ...even though it seems pretty far away for us here in Arizona! I'm not going to lie, I'm not a huge fan of the PSL, but I always make sure to indulge in one or two :) :)