Monday, August 4, 2014

August Pinspired & What's on Your...Wishlist

I just love the 1st of the month!
If last month wasn't very good, or if you fell short of your diet or workout goals...NO WORRIES!
It is a brand new month! A fresh start!
And with a new month brings another Pin-spired link up!
Linking up today with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for Get Pin-spired!

Look #1

If you have been around for a little while you know I have a love for all things gingham! This shirt is no exception!
Last Friday night was right around 70* and I knew I wanted to wear my white jeans.
I saw this photo and I knew I had everything in my closet to recreate it!
Plus, it was perfect for the grad party we went to.
Dressed up just enough, but yet laid back. Just how I like my outfits to be :)

 Blue gingham shirt (similar)/brown belt (similar)
White jeans (similar)/cognac sandals

Look #2

This is another photo that as soon as I saw it I knew I would be putting this outfit together.
Again, I had all the pieces in my closet so no shopping was required.
I wore this when I was out running errands - Target, Kroger, Starbucks, etc.
I paired my white converse with the outfit instead of sandals since it was raining out. (I do not like running in and out of stores with wet feet!)

Navy & white striped top (similar)/Orange JCrew Factory shorts (exact color sold out)
White Converse currently on sale!

Now it is time to link up with another fab chic from McKinney, Texas!
I swear that town has something in the water!
Gorgeous ladies, great bloggers & mommies, and they are all friends!
I kind of want to move now! ;)
Linking up with Andrea @ Momfessionals for...

Today it is all about what is on my My Wishlist!
And most my wishes these days center around X :)

Potty training X is in full swing. Well at least at daycare and his grandparents house! lol!
He did go once so far (that I know of) and he is loving being "a big boy" :)
I pray this goes easily! Wish me luck!

I am sure everyone wishes for this, and it never seems to come true.
I want to spend time doing fun things with X!
I want to go to the zoo, Cedar Point, the splash pad, etc.

I wish that every single one of these pacifiers and anything resembling them will go away!
While I am glad he doesn't suck his thumb, by 3 these bad boys better hit the road!
We have 4 months from tomorrow to make this happen!

There are many things I could list, but these are the things that are on my mind daily :)

What is on your wishlist?
It is wishes for your kids? Maybe a vacation or date night with your spouse?


  1. Time....YES!! Put me down for more time. We have a pacifier loving girl. Our girl is turning 3 on Tuesday. We've told her the binky fairy is coming to take them and will leave a present. Lord give me strength :) I told hubby he needs to hide them so I won't cave in weak moments haha

  2. OMG...We did the binky fairy for our oldest one and it worked awesome. Our second one never took one and our third? Holy guacamole - he can't function without one. We've been telling him about the binky fairy and he tells us that if she tries to take it away, he will put her on the naughty step.

  3. I'm a year or so away, but when the time comes I wish for someone else to take care of potty training!

  4. our first sucks his fingers, we figure eventually he'll get rid of that, and we know we are going to have to pay for braces, so why fight it. The second though, loves her some pacifier. Although at least she only needs/wants it for bed/nap time. Although if she finds a random one on the floor during the day she won't hesitate to pop that sucker in her mouth. Oy, not looking forward to how she'll sleep without one...yikes!

  5. Good luck with getting them off the pacies. I don't gave kids but I could see that. I love your clothing pics!

  6. love the wishlist! I have been dreading taking the paci away since the first day we gave it to her! haha

  7. Love your pinspired recreations!! I'm wearing a super similar outfit as your last one today!!! Mel funny!! Good luck with your wishlist for X!! :)

  8. Those outfits are SO darn cute!!! Look at you! ;)

  9. Love all of your outfit recreations! My favorite is the first one - the gingham and white is such a classic look!



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