Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Five Football Edition

Today I am not only linking up with my Friday regulars (Karli/Amy, Andrea/Narci/Erika), but also with one of my favorite Ohio gals - Erin!

Football Friday


If you are new around these parts let me catch you up real quick.
I was born and raised a Cleveland Browns fan. There is no other team for me. Seriously. I will always cheer for and bleed orange and brown. And now, so will X.

I started going to games with my dad when I was about 6 or 7 years old and we have made the father/daughter game an annual thing for (usually around my birthday in December) for the last 29-30 years!!!
A couple of years ago we got to go down on the field together during the team line ups and national anthem. That game actually fell on my birthday. Best present by far was high fiving Joe Haden as he ran out of the tunnel.

I love my team through the ups and mostly downs.
I stick by my team when they make terrible play calls, throw an interception, get burned by a wide receiver, and pick their (what seems like) one millionth starting QB.

No matter what, this is my team!

There are so many kinds of drinks you can consume on game day!
Pop, water, beer, mixed drinks.
My favorite drink during cold weather games is hot chocolate!
It keeps me warm, and I have one more thing that is part of my team colors :)

When tailgating before the game it is customary to do a shot before heading into the stadium. (It is, don't test me.)
We have done many different kinds of shots over the years --- flavored pucker, Blackberry Schnapps (yuck!), & many more.
My favorite pregame shot is American Honey Bourbon Whiskey with Rum Chata. DELICIOUS!!! 
Super simple too!

1 part American Honey
1 part Rum Chata

Shake together and pour into a shot glass. Enjoy!

The easy options are of course hot dogs, burgers, chips and salsa, etc.
Even chili is a pretty easy option during the cold weather games (my favorite games to go to). We usually make it the Cincinnati way, because that is best. Don't try to tell me otherwise :)
My favorite food on game days at home is wings!
Whether you order them or make them yourself they are THE perfect football food!

Desserts play a big role in game day eats for our group.
Here are a few of the ones I am planning on trying out this season.

Apparently I like peanut butter and chocolate together :)

Whether you are tossing the football around, playing corn hole (our favorite tailgating game), or managing your Fantasy Football team...there is so much fun to be had before, during, and after the game.
I have a set similar to the ones above that my dad had made for Mic and I as an engagement gift. We don't use them enough at home, but they sure are fun during game days!

Managing a fantasy football team can be stressful, but super fun at the same time. You find yourself watching every game you can to see how your guys are doing. And sometimes :( you find yourself cheering on the enemy for a few extra fantasy points.
Do you know how hard it was to have Big Ben as our fantasy QB (for too many years!) when the sight of black and gold and most things Steelers makes me sick to my stomach? 
Sorry Cari & Gwen! We can still be blog friends...just not on September 7th or October 12th :)

The most important and the most fun part about a game day is cheering on your team!
I love cheering on the whole team, but I have always had those favorite players that make the game just that much better to watch :)
From back in the day with Webster Slaughter & Bernie Kosar,

to more recent years with Josh Cribbs & Phil Dawson, 

to now with Joe Haden and Josh Gordon (clean up your act kid!)!

Jersey, jacket, hat, name it, you need it!
And sorry ladies, but a real fan does not wear pink!
You have a tee, sweatshirt, jacket, whatever it is in YOUR team colors!
If you do choose to wear pink, please don't do it around me.
Maybe it is the cheerleader in me or maybe it is just the fact that I must match...but I have to wear my team colors on game day!
Heck, even when watching the Superbowl I wear the colors of the team I am cheering for (unfortunately it is not brown and orange).
I don't even care if you wear a plain white is one of the team colors for almost every team in the league!

Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about some of the new gear I usually wear and what I am hoping to pick up this year :)
My dad gave me this bad boy for Christmas last year and I have been dying to wear it! 
 Or my personalized jersey always works well too!
Especially since Brian Hoyer (recently named starting QB) is #6 :)

But I wouldn't mind picking up this super cute thermal to wear on colder days or even under my jersey. It is crucial to dress in layers on game days at the stadium!
Thermal shirt

And I could always use a new hat or two or three :)

And just for fun these tees would be great to add to my collection.

Etsy shop - unknown

I honestly have been alive and a fan for all of these things :(

Whew! I am tired after writing that post!
So tell me...
Who is your favorite football team?
Do bleed your team colors?
What are your go-to eats and drinks on game day?
Are you a corn hole fan too or is there a new tailgating activity I should try?
What do you rock on game day? A jersey? Team tee or sweatshirt?

Share your favorites in the comments below and don't forget to link up your Hey Friday, Favorites, and Football posts with the hosts listed at the top!

Happy Friday & GO BROWNS!!!!
Just found this amazing print on Etsy!
You better believe I am picking this up for myself X! ;)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi from the link up! I love your dedication to your football team! And I may be snagging a few of those recipes come game day! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your daddy/daughter tradition! How cool that you got to be on the field on your birthday!

  3. Stopping by from the link up! Hahaha, I agree with the pink! A few people have gotten our daughter pink football gear, and I tolerate them because they were gifts. ;) Dang, I love pb and chocolate, so I will have to try those recipes. Wow, they look awesome. I'm more of a college football fan (Goooooo Irish!), but I love the NFL too. I'm a Colts, Green Bay, and Peyton Manning fan at heart, but I'll cheer for most other teams (except the Patriots and Cowboys!) unless they're playing my teams. But, sorry, I can't cheer for Manziel...he gets on my nerves! haha Anyway, have a great weekend and good luck this season (except for when you're playing my teams :)! -Jess @ Sweet Little Ones

  4. Found you through the link up :) I am a Ravens fan, so I know the Browns VERY well! I need to find that spit up towel (but in Purple) for my child in the future haha. Can't wait to see more delicious recipes with peanut butter and chocolate - two of my faves, especially in the fall!

  5. I love your enthusiasm, even as a Browns fans! I mean seriously, to be a Browns fan is TOUGH! ;) Btw, holy cow... Sept 7th is a huge AFC North week! You guys vs Pitt and us vs Ravens! ACK!! I'm nervous already! LOL!!

  6. Sep 7th is gonna be a crazy weekend for football fans in our division! Woo!!!! And girl, although I hate the Browns....HUGE props to you for being a fan. I can respect people who are there with the team even through the bad calls! :) and I love that towel about spit up, bahaha!

  7. Although I don't get football, I do hear ya on this post- I could write the exact same one but for baseball. Yay for sports! Great post.

  8. Congrats on Johnny Football!!! Hopefully this will help your team :)!

    Love the food, so yummy!

    Stopping by from the linkup!

  9. I love that towel about spit up :)

    Stopping by from the link up

  10. wow, talk about huge fan! I think you win, hands down!

  11. I totally relate on the fantasy football - we had Tom Brady one season, and I'm a Colts fan! It was brutal!!! Good luck to your Browns this year! My husband is a huge A&M fan, so he is hoping to see Johnny Football in action! :)
    Katie @ Sweet Little Ones

  12. Great post!! I've gotten more into football in the last couple of years. Love spending Sunday drinking beers, eating snacks and watching games! Love the etsy print and am totally pinning the cocktails and food! have a great weekend!

  13. I love your passion for the Browns!!
    That buckeye bark looks to die for!

  14. I am hosting the company tailgate party for the Buckeyes Thursday. I needed one last dessert option and the peanut butter football dip will be perfect. Thanks!

  15. Love so many of these t's! cute!! Our day is coming!!!! Woop! Go Brownies!!!!!