Monday, August 18, 2014

Blueberry Festival & A Challenge

Every year our little town hosts a festival before the school year begins.
There are rides for the kids, live music, contests, a parade, local vendors, a Blueberry Idol, and more!
The best part of the festival in my opinion is that all the food vendors must have at least one blueberry food item on their menu :)
Last year Schmidt's Food Truck was there and they were serving their huge cream puffs with blueberry cream filling...YUM!!
Unfortunately, they were not there this year...but it did leave room for some new places.

The festival ran Thursday-Sunday and the weather ended up being great each day.
We took X Thursday night to get ahead of the weekend craziness.
Our first stop of course was the food vendors for some dinner :)

This cute face earned a free sample of blueberry ice cream :)

Mic had heard that the blueberry burger was really good, so he gave that a try while I had my eyes on a Grilled Mac-n-cheese sandwich with pulled pork.
By the time I got my sandwich and met back up with Mic and X, he had already ate his burger and X was having a blast running around on the baseball field :)

Mic wasn't very impressed with the I guess I didn't miss much!
My sandwich on the other hand was amazing!!!
I need to recreate this beast!
Mic and I each had some of it, and still had half to split the next day!

We then let X go on a couple of the rides.
He wanted to ride the cars and the train so badly, but once on them he did not like them and started crying to get off :(
At least we only spent a few bucks on tickets!

His favorite ride of the night :)

Since the rides didn't work out so well, we headed back over to the food vendors for some dessert to go.
There were quite a few options, but we decided on the Blueberry & Cream Cheese Dessert Stromboli, a blueberry turnover, and some blueberry donuts from Lerch's.
 Blueberry Stromboli
 Blueberry Turnover with a bite out of the middle courtesy of X :(

The blueberry turnover was the hands down winner in our house!

It was a great evening with my little family :)
See photos from last year here.

Does your town host a festival each year?

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you haven't heard of this challenge going around you must be living under a rock! Just kidding!
There are videos all over Facebook, instagram, etc. with athletes, celebrities, and more dumping a 5 gallon bucket or more of ice water on themselves in support of ALS.

I was following a couple of my step brothers doing the challenge on Saturday, so I knew it was only a matter of time before I was challenged.
Of course, my good ole' dad was challenged by them and then proceeded to challenge me, Mic, and my little brother.

Here is my #icebucketchallenge video in all it's icy cold glory...

Have you been challenged or completed the Ice Bucket Challenge?
What is your favorite video so far?


  1. I am moving to your town. That look like so much fun!! My town doesn't host a festival but we do host the county fair every year. It starts this week and I cannot wait to get my hands on a fried snickers. I am going to have to do some research on festivals in the area. If my town doesn't do them there has to be a town nearby that does right? I sure hope so!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Our current town has a little festival in the summer and then again in the fall when the leaves change! We also live really close to our state fair location so we go to that every year! And if you recreate that sandwich--please share! ;)

  3. That festival sounds fun, I love going to stuff like that! Back near my parents they had a salsa festival, that was pretty good, and a strawberry festival, yum!

  4. The festival looks like so much fun!!! And blueberry stromboli....sign me up!! Ha!! We got challenged for ALS too...such a great way to bring awareness!!