Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Craziness & August 19th Photo of the Day

The Weekend Recap is back!
Did you miss it?
I know I missed writing it!
This is honestly the easiest post to write all week!

Our weekends are super busy lately and truly deserve their own post,
instead of just a few highlights on my H54F posts.
So for now recaps have returned! :)

Friday night we took X to the annual Blueberry Festival in town.
It has little rides for the kiddos,
craft and homemade goods tables,
a Miss Blueberry pageant,
 a little petting zoo area,
and the best part of all....
Carnival Food!

I go to about 2 fairs/festivals a year and this is one of them,
so you better believe I am always ready to soak up all of the greasy fries,
funnel cakes, and cotton candy I as can!

To my amazement we didn't eat that bad!
Schmidt's had a vendor truck there and we couldn't pass it up!
Mic got the Bahama mama, while X and I settled for gigantic hot dogs :)
We visited the petting zoo area, rode a pony, and played in the play/park area.
Unfortunately, X is still too small for most of the rides and they wouldn't let us
go on with him :( Maybe next year :)

On our way out we stopped at the Lerch's Donuts trailer for some warm blueberry donuts,
and then back to the Schmidt's trailer for the colossal
blueberry cream puff! YUM!

Mic trying to get X to feed the goat!
Pony ride!
This kid is fearless! He loves to go down any and all slides no matter how big!


Loves the rocking/bouncy things as well!

source here
Forgot to take a photo of the cream puff before we devoured it,
so here is an image of them from Schmidt's.
They are huge people!

Saturday & Sunday were filled with lots of golf for Mic!
So on Saturday, X and I went to visit the children's museum and see the big trucks
before heading out for a birthday party.

Riding around on the toys outside the museum :)

Inside the museum they have all kinds of play areas set up...
from a doctor's office, to a bank, grocery store, farm, etc.
X was in the digging area with his hard hat and flashlight :)

Checking out the barrel of fruit in the farm area.
He loved the little John Deere in front of him :)

Since X is obsessed with planes lately,
it was great that they had one he could sit in!

Checking out the train display.

A couple of the roads outside the museum were closed for all the big trucks.
Some of them actually had an operator in them to show the kids how they worked :)
X got to sit in a garbage truck and watch the dumpster go overhead!

Checking out the military vehicles.

X loved this old truck! He kept saying "Oh WOW!" :)

The Shrine Club trucks are the perfect fit :)

A few of the trucks that X sat in where I could actually take a picture!


Saturday night we attended the cookout for the golf outing Mic was in.
We of course are the only ones with a child there,
mainly because everyone else there is over the age of 50!
Yes, Mic golfs in a league that the average age is anywhere from 65-70!
He loves it!

The bourbon frosting cupcakes I made for the cookout
seemed to be a hit!

Rocking my new clearance pick up (similar hat) from Target :)
Love that store!

Sunday was much more low key!
X and I hung out around the house and just played :)
I also made Dinner in a Pumpkin, minus the pumpkin yesterday :)
You can't tell I am ready for Fall can you? lol!
X was so focused on playing with his cars that he didn't even notice
that our cat Diamond was laying right next to him!
Normally he chases poor D out of the room every chance he gets :(

August 18th Photo of the Day

This photo does not do dinner in a pumpkin justice!
This mixture is amazing!
Can't wait for pumpkin season :)

So what did you do this weekend?
Can you believe we are already halfway through August? Crazy!

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