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football, FootBall, FOOTBALL!!!

2nd Post on this fine Friday is
linking up with Erin @ Love, Fun and Football 
for Football Friday!!!!

Love, Fun & Fotball

Let's begin with my favorite football team...

I was born to be a Browns fan!

Me circa 1979

Browns bandanna = Perfect finishing touch to an outfit :)

X is following in my foot steps...born & raised a Cleveland Browns fan!

X & my dad watching their first Browns game together :)
Lots of snuggles went on as well!

Sizing up the team at training camp last year.

X and I ready to watch the 2013 NFL Draft :)

Mic & I @ a game :)

Enough of my photos!

Here are some of my favorite things about
The Cleveland Browns...

Favorite Player Past & Present

source here

If I can only name one, I have to go with #19 Bernie Kosar!
He is Cleveland Browns football!
He was the QB while I was growing up and I just always
associate him with my team.
Not to mention,
Have you heard him do commentary for the Browns preseason games?
I wish he did all the games!

source here

These days my main guy is #23 Joe Haden!
I love that he represents Cleveland in a good light.
He supports the rest of the Cleveland teams,
and he is a beast on the field!
He may be tiny, but he is quick!
Watching him intercept passes is glorious :)

Honorable Mention

source unknown

No, this next guy wasn't a Cleveland Brown,
but he still played an important part in the NFL and my life.
I will always be a #32 Marcus Allen fan!
As a kid I loved the Oakland Raiders (LA at the time)
almost as much as my dear Browns!
I liked them before it was cool to like them (Bo Jackson era).
Allen just had class on and off the field that I admire in a player.
Oh, and he was an incredible RB!
One of the many reasons he is in the Football Hall of Fame today!

Let's Talk Tailgating

Now I know most Browns fans will probably say
that you aren't truly tailgating unless you are in the Muni Lot.
I disagree.
If you have good food, drinks, games, and good company
you can pretty much tailgate anywhere!
We tend to set up shop in 2 different places depending on the size of our group,
or how cold it may be (games on Lake Erie can get quite chilly!).
We either park the Winnebago (yes, that is what I said) right along the lake,
or we are set up along the river and take a boat over to the stadium.
Either place is great!
Lots of Browns fans,
and unfortunately some of the opposing team as well
celebrating what I feel is the best past time EVER!!!

Now let's talk food!
Every now and then we hit up the street vendors
for some good Cleveland hot dogs or brats,
but most the time we bring our own grub.
My favorite food to bring to a tailgate is
Cincinnati Style Chili!
(Are you loving this Erin?)
It is super easy!
All you need is a can or two of Skyline Chili (my favorite),
spaghetti noodles,
and finely shredded cheddar cheese!
You can also add onions and beans if you wish.

Of course we have to have beverages to wash our food down :)
That can be a mixture of pop, beer, wine coolers, and mixed drinks.
One thing that we all drink the same is
our shot we all down before we head into the stadium.
Now my dad changes it up from time to time as far as what he serves,
but we all do it!
It is just a great bonding, team thing to do before we watch
our Browns (hopefully) win :)
My favorite pregame shot is a Little Beer!
So yummy!

No tailgating experience would be complete without
a few games of cornhole on your very own
Cleveland Browns boards :)
My dad actually gave Mic and I our set
right before we got married (7 years ago)!
My set was made for me with the brownie on them.
Below is similar to the set my dad has that we use at games.

source here

And if your birthday just happens to fall on a Sunday in December
like mine...
well, you might just have a Browns themed party
during the game :)

No idea why the plates & napkins are red, we actually used orange & brown!

Football Fashion

So I have to match...ALWAYS!
I have tennis shoes and winter boots that match my
Browns jerseys, winter coats, etc.
I have been a Browns fan for a very long time,
so I have plenty of clothing to keep me warm during the winter games
and still match my team :)

Things you will never catch me wearing to a game...
Dressy clothes,
high heel shoes/boots,
leather coat, etc.
The only jewelry I will have on will be my wedding ring
and probably some dog tags/beads (that say Cleveland Browns).

Ladies, I beg you...
Do not wear the pink clothing that has your team emblem on it!
Please don't dress up like you are going out on the town!
You are at an NFL game for crying out loud!
You may have beer spilled on you from time to time,
and you may have to step in peanut shells on the ground!
If any of the above are you,
Don't tailgate with me or sit next to me at a game!
I bleed Brown, Orange & White and so do my clothes on game days :)

I could honestly think of a million more ideas to add to this post,
but I will cut it off here in hopes that Erin will do another Football Friday soon :)

I leave you with a few photos from the game I was at last year on my birthday :)

On the field as flag holders that day! 
Best part?
I only had to hold the flag during the national anthem!
The rest of the time I got to high five all my guys on the field as they came out of the tunnel!!!
Including JOE HADEN!!!

My dad and I enjoying our Father/Daughter game together :)

Watching my team do pregame warm-ups :)
Once again watching Haden show the rest of them how it's done!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my team,
how I like to tailgate, etc.
I would love to hear who your favorites are,
what food you like to eat,
if you have any special drinks you serve, etc.

Thanks to Erin and crew for putting together this fabulous link party!

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  1. Okay... even THOUGH you root for that stinky team in Cleveland ;) I LOVE this post and how into football you are!! Your little man in his Browns gear is so cute! I know when Jared and I have kids they are going to be decked out in Bengals gear at all times, lol!!

    1. Thanks Erin :) I wish I had your job...I swear I live and breathe football somedays! I knew as soon as I got pregnant that X would have a million Browns items! First thing we bought was his football blanket that he goes to sleep with every night :) A girl would have had the same! ;)

  2. I totally agree!! If you have good food and friends, tailgate ANYWHERE!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Football is the best!

  3. I LOVE this... you're so into it and I love when other females are that same way! Those cornhole boards are awesome and you are totally raising that boy the right way, passing on your love of football! Good job mom! Thanks so much for linking up... love finding other sports loving blogging ladies!

    1. Thanks for co-hosting this link up! I love it! And thanks for stopping by :) I can't wait for the season to start!