Friday, August 23, 2013

It's Friday!

While this week hasn't been that eventful,
it sure feels like it was go, go, go!

Linking up for H54F with Lauren,
and 5 for Friday with Darci :)

My Top 5 for the week in no particular order...

Pretty Little Liars & The Vineyard on ABC Family were so good this week!
You must check them out!

We went out to dinner with friends at a Japanese Steakhouse and it was so good!
From the soup to the sushi to my rice and steak....all DELISH!
I was seriously in a food coma for the entire next day!

Loved checking out all the first day of school pics from all of my friends on
Facebook and Instagram!
While I can wait, I also can't wait to take those pics of X!
For now I will settle with new birthday pics every year :)

My PilatesFusion class was changed to a BarreFusion class and it was insane!
While I miss the full hour of more yoga based exercises,
the BarreFusion kicked my butt!
Monday was a rough, but good class, and Wednesday just added to it.
However, both made me feel amazing afterwards and that is what matters :)

Made some cupcakes for my fantasy football draft this weekend.
Rum & Coke is the flavor this time!
Pics will be posted on Monday :)

So how was your week?
Did your kiddos go back to school this week?

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  1. Omg, when I saw CeCe in that black hoodie! Heart dropped.

    1. I know! I love that we are able to see who it is and what she is doing now! Season finale' next week :(


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