Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pin-spired August Edition

Can you believe it is already August 1st?
Where the heck has the year gone?

Remember my August challenge begins today...

A Photo A Day in the Month Of August

Remember the only requirement is that is a happy photo :)
I want YOU to smile when you look at the photo you took!

Oh, I guess there is one other requirement...
Post your smile inducting photo in the comments below,
post it to Instagram using the hash tag #xtremelyv,
post your photo to your blog post and attach a link back to my blog,
or email it to me (click on Contact for address).

Can't wait to see all of the photos you will take and share with me this month!

Now, onto the actual post for today...
Linking up with Sheaffer @ Pinterest Told Me To, Shay @ Mix & Match Family,
and Mel @ The Larson Lingo
for Get Pin-spired!

Here are my inspiration photos from my Pinterest page...

colored jeans and leather jackets :)
source here

Black V-neck t-shirt + bright skirt (love the red!) + belt
source here

And here are my recreations....

Rock & Republic Skinny Jeans
White tee from Old Navy, super old (similar)
Mossimo Black Flats from Target, super old (similar)
Wilson's Leather Jacket, 2 years old (similar)

Black tee from T.J.Maxx, (similar)
Factory 5" Chino Short in Neon Persimmon (sold out) from J.Crew Factory
3" Chino Short sold here in exact color
Mossimo Black Flip Flops, super old (similar)
Harvey's Large Satchel in black

Side note: I have had the Harvey's bag for about 5 years now
and it still looks like new!
There bags really are quality!!!
I am not into designer handbags, and not many people know about
this company or like the look of a seatbelt bag.
It is perfect for me, and worth every penny!
I have the wallet (similar) and coin purse (similar) too!
Seriously, check them out today!

What do you think?
Have you been Pin-spired by an outfit on Pinterest?
Have you recreated a look?

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  1. great looks, Vanessa!
    I am seriously considering buying those neon persimmon shorts right now before they sell out!
    and I LOVE your new blog design!

    1. Thanks! Those shorts are wonderful aren't they? I bought them in the marrakech purple and navy as well (they were on sale & I had a coupon code):) They seriously look great with everything!

    2. and I did just buy them!! :)

  2. Hi Vanessa! Thank you so much for linking up today! I love your post and am so happy you decided to participate! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Shay! Those J.Crew chino shorts are all because of you :)

  3. I love your black and red outfits! You're all set for summer and fall!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jenna :) The photos don't show very well, but the shorts and jeans are both bright orange. Perfect Fall & Summer!