Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photo A Day August Challenge

Starting tomorrow, August 1st...

I challenge you all in blog land and beyond to take a photo a day
during the month of August.

There is only 1 requirement...
It needs to be a happy photo :)

Something that made your day,
or just makes you smile :)

This face at bath time always makes me smile :)

You can post your pics in the comments below,
post them to Instagram with the hashtag #xtremelyv,
or just email them to me (click on the Contact tab above).

*Additonal option*
Put your photo in your blog post and just attach
a link back to my blog :)
I just want to see what makes you happy!
Who knows...
It might just make someone else happy too ;)

Who's with me?

Any other challenges for the month of August I should know about?

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