Monday, July 15, 2013

Blog Design, Buttons, Advertisements...Oh MY!

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Everyone around me (or at least the blogs I read)
in this wonderful blog land
is updating their blog designs and layouts.

I want to update mine as well,
but I unfortunately suck at this :(

So I am turning to you blogger friends for some advice,
tips, suggestions, etc.

How do I make a button?
Are having advertisements on my blog that big of a deal?
Any recs on someone who could do all of this for me?

I am not trying to pump up my numbers or anything,
but I do thoroughly enjoy meeting new bloggers
and sharing our life stories with each other :)
I would love to even participate in the get togethers!

Hint, Hint Ohio (Midwest) Bloggers!

This blog land that we live in is huge
and I truly appreciate getting to be a very small part of it.
I hope to continue this journey
with all of you for many years to come :)

Are you a DIY girl with your blog?
Who have you taken blogs tips or inspiration from in the past?
What blog designs you absolutely love?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V


  1. I'm self-taught when it comes to the layout/design of my blog.
    I'm sure I can help you with some of it!
    e-mail me and I can talk to you about it more.
    the ads really are not important--mine are rarely ever clicked on.


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