Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Turning Over A New Leaf

Funny how you can have a million ideas for a blog post running through your head,
 and then when it comes time to actually write that post...
your mind goes completely blank :(

The last couple of weeks I have had so much on mind with work,
trying fit in working out, handling X, trying to live life....
Oh, and trying to actually clean our close once in a while too...
I have had no time to plan out my posts.

I want to say I am sorry to you readers who check in every day
just to find some lack luster post that swears I will be better tomorrow.
Then tomorrow turns into the next week, etc.

I am turning over a new leaf, literally!
Check out this brand new blog design by the amazing

Totally me!
Exactly the ME that I am, and want to be moving forward :)
Not the dark, all black and gray me that I was turning into.

So what do you think of the new design?
If you don’t think it is great,
Well than I don’t want to hear from you! Lol!

So moving forward I promise to do my best to bring you good blog content!
Posts that have meaning, substance, etc.
And if I don’t have anything for you I just won’t post that day!
Now more than likely you will get a M-F post from me,
but going forward that may not always be the case.
However, you may also get bonus posts on weekends too!
And with football season just around the corner,
you will probably receive a Sunday post (game recaps, etc.).

Also, I am hoping to have some guest posts in October while I am on vacation :)
(Only 2 months away!!!)
Once you read a post from some of these wonderful ladies out there,
you may not return to my little blog! Lol!

Oh, I am also planning some challenges, maybe a link up, etc. in the near future.
Again, hope you like the new design & layout by Erin!

Any ideas for challenges?
Anyone interested in doing a link up party with me?

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