Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blog Irritations

I have been trying all morning to get
Blogger to let me type up a post, but for some reason
it doesn't like me today.

Oh well, I am here now :)

I follow/read a lot of blogs out there.
I have quite a few that I can easily access through Bloglovin,
and quite a few more that I just have saved as favorites on my computer.
Every day is exactly the same for me when reading these blogs.
I go to my favorites list and and click on each one hoping for a new post that intrigues me.
Maybe it is me as a reader wanting too much,
or maybe I just have fallen out of love with the blogs that brought me to where I am today.
Who knows!
All I know is that I get super duper irritated when some of my favorite bloggers
don't have a new post for me to read.

The blog world is funny to me really.
I mean, I have developed these friendships that are truly wonderful!
The funny part is, they are with ladies I may never actually meet in person.
While that part is definitely sad to me,
the nice part is that I know I have some people out there who are just like me
and except me for me.

So while I may get irritated with you from time to time because
you don't have a new post up 5 days a week,
I do truly thank all of you for being great blogger friends :)

Another irritation I recently have had is with the fashion/style blogs I like to read.
I personally work a full time job
and then go home and work as a full time mommy to X.
This little blog is my outlet to relieve some stress,
and to meet other bloggers like me. 
I definitely don't have all the money in the world either!
While I love seeing and reading about the latest trends and such,
I just don't have a ton a money to spend on it all.
So I shop at cheaper stores, or just don't buy it in general.
There are some blogs out there that actually feature the stores
I can actually afford,
but then a few others are just ridiculous!
I know I am a Plain Jane, but some of the outfits that they put together
are just scary!

I know, every person is different and can choose to wear and be whoever they want to be.

My other irritation that goes along with the rant above
is the style bloggers who are SAHM's.
They post these outfits that I would never even wear to work!
They are just WAY too fancy for me!
I can't imagine these mom's actually wear these outfits out and about
with their children.
How the heck do chase after a toddler in 5 inch heels?
Or that mini skirt that is so tight your legs can hardly move?

Like I said, I truly love some of these blogs and
could never think of leaving them.
But others...I am not so sure about anymore :(

In conclusion,
Blogger friends (you know who you are)
keep up the good work and the great posts!
Others....this may just be goodbye for good.

End of my blog rant :)

Have you or do you read any blogs that have lost their luster?
Do you come across style blogs that are just too outrageous for you?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V


  1. Don't leave me! I post 5 days a week :) Sometimes the friday ones suck, you can skip those.

    I know what you mean though, a lot of my favorite reads have had all sponsored/reviews posts for weeks - i'm bored!

  2. I could never leave you Stephanie! I swear your posts are the only things that can make me laugh during a rough day at work :)

    Maybe it is the midwest girl in me vs. the coastal bloggers, but I just haven't been feeling them lately :(