Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I Am Watching ~ Summer Edition

My TV schedule in the summer months is pretty non-existent.
However, I am still watching a couple shows :)
I mean seriously,
I can't go completely without TV!!!!

Thankfully ABC Family airs new seasons of shows
through the summer months :)
One of my favorites is Pretty Little Liars!

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This season is amazing!
Should we trust Mona now?
Did Toby's mom really jump out the window or get pushed out?
Is Melissa telling the truth?
Who the heck is Red Coat?????

All questions I want answers to now!
All answers that I am sure I won't find out anytime soon!

If you haven't watched an episode of PLL,
you must do so today!
Yes, the main characters are still in high school,
but high school really doesn't matter too much in the show.
It is more about the mystery of each death,
or who is "A".
Seriously, check it won't be sorry!
~ Kisses :)

My other new summer addiction is Copper on BBC America
Yes, you read that correctly.
My husband watches all kinds of shows on this channel,
and some aren't that bad.

Copper is much better than "not that bad".
It actually is almost through the 2nd season,
so we have been cruising through the 1st season On Demand.
If you have watched the movie Gangs of New York,
it takes place around the same time frame in NY.

X-tremely V Fact: I did not like the movie at all! But I love the show!

Probably one reason why I find it very easy to get into the show
is because we are able to watch episode after episode.
I actually can't wait til X goes to bed so we can watch another!

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It is nice to have something for Mic and I talk about
other than the office (we work together in a 4 person office),
or what is going on with X.

Summer is also about watching movies for me.
I am not a big movie fan,
because honestly I can't stand to sit still for that long!
Plus, I like TV shows where there is a beginning, middle, and end
each week (most of the time).
However, we did just recently watch This is 40 
On Demand.
First of all, what did we seriously do before On Demand?
Anyways, I loved this movie!
I am even going to purchase it for our home collection!
While I am not that close to 40,
the movie definitely hit home!
Plus, it was hilarious!!!
I heard a few different reviews about it that weren't too great,
but again I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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What shows are you watching this summer?
Any good summer movie recs?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V


  1. I watch PLL too, I love it, even if I'm way older than the characters. My life certainly wasn't like that in high school, dang.
    This is 40 is on my list!

    1. So glad to hear you watch PLL too! The only others I know that watch it our my cousins in high school! :(