Monday, July 22, 2013

Football Season is so close, I can almost taste it!

I had mentioned before that I am a huge football fan,
specifically NFL and high school football!

I don't turn into a crazy person during football season,
but don't even think about trying to plan something with me on a Sunday,
or any other day my Cleveland Browns are playing!
I will either be at a game or sitting on my couch watching the game....
uninterrupted by your talking and such :)

Honestly, I love watching all NFL games...
especially the ones that the Pittsburgh Steelers lose! :)
I was born and raised a Browns fan...what did you expect?

On the flip side, I have no problem whatsoever with
Cincinnati or Baltimore :)

Back to my almost tasting it comment.

Training camp begins this week people!
Thursday to be exact.
That means (hopefully) a visit to watch my boys work out
and scrimmage each other.
We took X for the first time last year and my heart couldn't have been
happier :)

Then in just 2 1/2 short weeks preseason begins!
And then of course, the best part of all...
It is only 49 days away people!
Oh....and THIS girl will be there!!!
I can't wait!

All of this also means it is time to get some new gear for the season!
I have my jerseys of course, but for the warmer weather games I need something new
and frankly not so hot!
Here are some of the items I have been eyeing up...

Zoom Image
Love this faded tee!
Zoom Image

A vintage tee with the old Brownie on them are a must!

Zoom Image

An orange tee? Yes, please! :)

Another great site for some cool options is
They are all about unique Cleveland (Indians, Browns, Cavs, etc.) t-shirts!

Here are my faves right now...

Rock On Cleveland T-Shirt

440 Grey T-shirt

Cleveland 'Til I Die T-Shirt

Cleveland 'til I die tee...That's right!

Long Live Cleveland Football V-Neck T-Shirt

Where is your favorite place to shop for team gear?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V

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