Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Random Fact ~ I LOVE Calendars!

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I have an obsession with calendars!
Yes, I know it is 2o13!
And yes, I know that anyone with with a cell phone
pretty much has a calendar built into it!
I use my cell calendar when I remember to,
but there is just something about writing down your
plans or goals on a fresh new calendar that excites me!

Whether it is a pocket version, a wall calendar,
or just one that I can download and print off the computer...

It is so much fun to write down things you have planned,
or vacations you are looking forward to!
If I could keep each calendar forever...I WOULD!
I love looking back at them and reliving the memories we have made over the years :)
I do actually throw them away :(
I can't say I throw them away immediately after they are done though ;)

Like I said, it is truly a great time for me to look
back at them and see what we did when.
For awhile I had a shoe box that I would save them in,
and I finally got rid of them all sometime last year.
(Trying not to be a hoarder...anymore!)
Before I tossed them forever I looked back
at one that I had leading up to our wedding day in 2006.
It was a great time to see what venues and churches we explored,
when I finally bought my wedding dress, etc.

Really, I can't get enough calendars!
(Gift idea...hint, hint!)
I even write down all the birthdays of my friends and family on them.
I know with Facebook
it is super easy to remember birth dates now,
but I have always been one to remember those important dates without FB!
Honestly, I can remember those dates without a calendar!
But I don't want to!
I want to be able to write down all those wonderful things :)

Plus, I love planning ahead!
Currently planning X's 2nd birthday party (in December)!
That is a post for another day though :)

How do you feel about calendars?
Do you just wing it and hope to remember things?
Are you a cell calendar girl, pocket, desk, or wall calendar chic?
If you do like actual calendars, where is your favorite place to get them?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V


  1. I love calendars and planners. I just can't use my phone, I have to write things down. Getting a brand new planner and filling everything in is the best feeling ever!

    1. I didn't even mention planners in that post, but a new one of those is like Christmas!!!