Friday, August 2, 2013

High Five 4 Friday!

SO much to post about today
that I almost can't contain my excitement!

2 posts coming your way today people!
First, I am linking up with the these to wonderful ladies...
Lauren for H54F and
Darci for 5 on Friday!

Ready, Set, Let's do this!!!!

 Went for a ride in this gorgeous vehicle on Friday!
Seriously, you feel like an effing celebrity in this thing!
It is a McLaren MP4-12C Spider :)

Had a great time hanging out with friends on Saturday :)
Our little guys are only a month a apart...
Can you say best buds?
So cute :)

Enjoyed an adult beverage around the fire with my main man :)

Made this super easy Banana Bread (I added chocolate chips)
that I found on Pinterest.
Gotta love Pinterest :) 

While waiting in line @ Chipotle,
and older gentleman handed me this coupon!
Said he could never use it :(,
but I should use it for my husband and I!
So sweet!

How was your week?

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  1. How did you get to ride in the McClaren? I love those cars!!! Drinks by an intimate fire sound so perfecccct. Enjoy your weekend girl. I saw you on the link up :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by :) Oh the McLaren! Our friend's dad has a boat load of cars, and most all are luxury or sport cars. Can you say LUCKY?! lol! It is his thing, and thankfully has the money to get any one he wants :) Anyways, our friend knows we LOVE cars so they always hook us up with rides/test drives when a new vehicle joins the family :) We never would get to even see cars like that if it weren't for good friends :)
      Have a great weekend as well :)