Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Me Right Now

Following in my girl Erin's footsteps today :)

This is me right now...

Reading: Blogs galore! I seriously read at least 20 different blogs a day!

Wishing: That vacation wasn't 2 months away!

Wearing: Light gray gym shorts and my Flash tee (just like Sheldon Cooper)

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Eating: Lots and lots of watermelon! Trying to get my fill before the season is over!

Loving: X :) Every day brings something new! Words, facial expressions, you name it!

Watching: Pretty Little Liars, duh!

Wanting: To be able to take a few random days off work before summer ends.

Listening: Seriously obsessed with hearing Blurred Lines & Cruise every chance I get :)

Feeling: Happy & enjoying life :) 

So what are you up to lately?

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