Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 5th Photo of the Day & Obsession

The first of the September magazines arrived in the mail yesterday!
Not only was this the photo of the day yesterday,
but it is also the topic of my post :)

I have always had an obsession with magazines!
I have gotten much better,
but there used to be times where I couldn't go to the grocery store,
drug store, etc. without purchasing at least one new magazine!
I love looking at the pictures,
getting hair & beauty tips, fitness ideas, and recipes.

While I don't mind reading blogs online,
I must have the actual magazine in front of me to read it!
I love thumbing through the pages of a brand new mag :)
Especially the Fall issues!
They are ALWAYS enormous!
Like twice the size of the normal monthly issue!
It is seriously HEAVEN!

Hi! My name is Vanessa, and I have an obsession with magazines.

Like I said above, I have really improved on how often I purchase magazines.
If fact, I lately I only get my subscriptions in the mail!
Ok, ok, I do buy the occasional Life & Style when I am at the grocery store,
but a lot of the time I pass them all up!

I am always on the lookout for another great mag,
so any suggestions are greatly appreciated :)

Here is what I currently subscribe to...

Believe it or not this is actually all I get in the mail!
I used to get Fitness & In Style,
but I like Shape much better and In Style seems to only
showcase clothing I can't remotely afford :(

And, yes I know that I live in the Midwest
but I love everything to do with the south!
I would be living in Savannah, Georgia
and cheering on the Bulldogs if I could!

What magazines do you read?
Do you like the paper editions or tablet form?
I need more magazines people!
What am I missing out on?

After publishing this post yesterday I looked up some more magazines
I would be interested in receiving in the mail :)
I have now added the following to my monthly/yearly subscription list...

Taste of Home
Ladies Home Journal
Better Home and Gardens
Family Fun

So much better than purchasing at the store!
And I will have lots to read :)

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  1. I don't subscribe though it would probably make more sense to. I get Real Simple every month. I pick up Glamour, Self, Shape, InStyle, Rachel Ray and various trashy tabloids when the covers suit me (love Jennifer, totally got this month's Glamour). I also pick up organization magazines when I see them! I definitely prefer reading the paper kind versus tablet. I don't think the tablet is missing any of the main stuff but it's so much shorter that I feel like it must be.

    1. I am sure the tablet versions aren't missing anything, but the feel of those fresh pages just can't be beat :)

      I might I have to check out Real Simple again. I pick it up every now and then, but it usually doesn't have enough it for me :(

      I love Jennifer as well :)

  2. wow ! I wish I lived close so I could borrow your mags after you're done with them! I've gotten SELF for over 10 years, and love it. I get SHAPE off and on too, but I don't feel athletic enough for it, ha.
    oh, and my orange jcrew shorts came in the mail today, and they're super bright!

    1. I would love to give the mags to you! I just bring the magazines into our office for our clients to read when I am done :) A gentleman I work then takes the really old ones to be recycled. I LOVE Self! I have received it since high school (very, very long time) :)
      Those shorts are pretty bright, but so comfortable! Perfect for the summer!


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