Friday, August 30, 2013

High Five for the long weekend & Get Pin-spired September!

This week has once again been crazy busy!
Thankfully, we are rewarded with a long holiday weekend :)
Bonus: I am off today too!
We are enjoying today & tomorrow with X at Great Wolf Lodge :)

Anyways, doing my normal Friday link ups with Lauren & Darci :)

X LOVES to read his Chuggington book!
He constantly wants to point out all of his favorite trains :)

X and I both got much needed haircuts this week :)
While I sat calmly in the chair and enjoyed a glass of wine at my appointment,
X was a crazy man at his :(
I give a lot of credit to Debbie who cut his hair!
It came out really good considering he was moving all around and we had to hold him
the entire time!
I might think about cutting it myself next time....while he is sleeping ;)
mid-length layers
source here

I was Pin-spired after I saw the photo above!
Took it to my girl Kasey,
and she did a fabulous job on my color :)
I am already thinking about adding more reddish/violet tones!

The result :)


Made this Pinterest recipe for dinner last night!
Cheesy Chicken Tater Tot Casserole in the crockpot :)

Preseason Game 3 Photos
source here

The Browns had their last preseason game last night. Meaning?
Bring on the regular season, tailgating, and more!

My hair wasn't the only thing that was Pin-spired this month,
so I am linking up with
Sheaffer, Shay, and Mel for September's Get Pin-spired!

I saw this combo on Pinterest and knew it would be a piece of cake this month :)
For a while black & tan were my signature colors,
too bad I have never liked the drink :(

khaki shorts, black top, and jacket
source here

And here is my recreation of the outfit above...

I wear heels every day at work, so on the weekends and evenings I am all
about gym shoes, flip flops, boots, and flats!
I paired my black tee (from TJ Maxx, similar here),
with my Old Navy khaki shorts (similar here),
my Mossimo Camo flats (found here)
and my military hat from Target (similar found here and here).
It was WAY too hot outside for the denim jacket,
but it would have went well with the outfit had the weather called for it :)

Any big plans for the holiday weekend?
Have you tried any new recipes lately?
Were you inspired by an outfit, recipe, or hairstyle on Pinterest?

Hope you all have a great weekend and holiday!

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  1. We haven't read/watched Chuggington, but we're doing a train birthday party for Nolan next week since he loves trains :)
    Pretty hair cut!
    I like your Pin-spired look a lot! I'm wearing the same Target hat in my Pin-spired today!
    Enjoy the Great Wolf Lodge!

    1. Oh my goodness...X LOVES anything to do with trains! We are actually thinking of having a train theme party for him as well :) X has a little ride on train toy from the Chuggington show that he plays with every single day!
      Thank you...I needed an update for the fall :)
      That is too funny about the hat! Great minds think a like!

  2. I love your hair cut and color!
    Stopping by from HF4F linkup!
    Come link up with us today!

    1. Thank you for the compliment and for stopping by :)

  3. I found you through Get Pinspired :-) I like that you extended the theme to your hair cut! I'm hoping to get to a salon soon, so I'll have to remember before/after pics for next month's pinspired!

    My big plans for the holiday weekend are helping my husband get his office decorations sorted and packed to take to his first day at his new job on Tuesday... and soaking up the last couple days of our bunches of time together :-) Have a wonderful weekend! (Also... Great Wolf Lodge made me check your "about me" - I'm Ohio born and raised, too! Between Dayton and Cinci!)

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I figured since I found the cut/color on Pinterest it was only fitting to include in my Pin-spired post! :)

      Hope you enjoyed the long weekend! Good luck to your husband on his new job!

      That is awesome to find another Ohio born girl! We need to stick together :)


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