Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Last...

I just love all the bloggers I have met or just have gotten to know through emails and such.
And they always have great ideas on blog posts!
Such good ideas that I must steal them from time to time :)
Thankfully in the blog world everyone I have come to know is cool with sharing and usually is flattered that you are using there idea.
Anyways, now that I got that out of the way I am totally stealing "The Last..." idea from Kayla, who got the idea from Katie!
See the pattern?

Ok, now onto my list!

The Last...

Thing I bought for myself ~ This amazing moto jacket from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I am totally ok if the temps want to stay in the 60-70* range from now on.

Recipe I made ~ This blueberry cobbler I found on Pinterest was seriously one of the easiest desserts I have ever made!
And you can totally change the fruit out to whatever you enjoy!

Show I watched ~ Pretty Little Liars is basically the only show I watch during the summer. Unless of course you count the endless episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Thomas the Train, Chuggington, etc.

Thing I wished I owned ~ 
A house with a good entryway and decent size backyard.

I so did not pay attention to the entry when we bought our house 8 years ago! I never thought about how crammed we would be trying to greet or say goodbye to friends and family.
And now that we have X I realize how small our yard is :(
I want room to play a game of kick ball or something.
But then that house would probably cost a lot more so we are good where we are ;)

Thing I worried about ~ I worry every day about everything honestly! I worry I am not teaching X enough on my own, that he will get sick or hurt. I worry that I am not good enough, thin enough, or pretty enough. I worry about trying to find enough time to fit in visits with all of our friends and family.
I.Worry.A.Lot. :(

Song that was stuck in my head ~ My obsession with Eric Church is just crazy right now! I can't get "That's Damn Rock-n-roll" off my mind! LOVE IT!

Good photo Mic and I took together ~ We don't take many photos together, so probably this one from vacation in June

I loved coming up with this post!
I think this will definitely be one I come back to from time to time :)

What are some of your "lasts"?


  1. That jacket is gorgeous!!! Aaaaaah PLL!!!!!!!!! I cant believe only 3 more episodes til its done, seriously didnt it JUST start back up? That is a fabulous family picture!

  2. I'm a bad worrier too- I try to stop myself but it's just built into me I guess ;) And I totally feel you on wanting a bigger backyard/more space!

  3. I'm loving the jacket! That dessert looks so good. Haha, my tummy growled. I worry about everything too. I hope your having a great Wednesday though!

  4. oh I love this, I saw it on Lauren's blog the other day too...must write down for future post...


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