Monday, July 28, 2014

The Weekend & A Recipe

Let's get right to it!

Friday night we headed up north for a high school grad party on the east side of Cleveland. I truly can't tell you the last time I was at one of these, so I was amazed by how grown up it was!
They had a table full of salad, chicken, and pasta. But the best part was they were making pizzas and stromboli to your liking!
Made fresh on the spot in a giant outdoor pizza oven!
It was fantastic!
On top of that they had a full bar with specialty cocktails, and even slushie machines for the under 21 crowd.
It was a cool, relaxed setting.
WOW! I am getting old when I can say that about a high school grad party! lol!
 Oh well!
I was busy enjoying myself instead of taking any pictures :( #badblogger

Saturday morning I took in a booty barre class, and then headed back home to nap with X while Mic did some office work.
I found a super simple Blueberry Cobbler recipe on Pinterest, and since we live right down the road from The Blueberry Patch I thought it was perfect!
4 ingredients people! ~ Yellow cake mix, sugar, butter, and blueberries!
Linking up this recipe with Andrea @ Momfessionals for Recipe Club :)

X loves the "Blueberry Man" at the Blueberry Patch :)

We spent our evening hanging out with a wonderful group of friends, eating some super yummy walleye, and singing to some live music.
It was a great night as always :)
 This was after we all ate!
We were lucky enough to take some home with us :)

Sunday was lazy, yet productive.
Does that even make sense?
I hit up Target and Kroger, got lots of laundry done, and even made a quick trip to Walmart for a couple toy bins for X.
It was a wonderful Sunday!

Looking forward to another great week and weekend!

How was your weekend?
Did you take any trips out of town?
Do you have a small group of friends you get together with?


  1. Holy cow--- no grad party I ever went to had all that!! How fun!! I haven't been to one in forever, either! Our Sunday was like yours- we got a lot done around the house, but still had plenty of time for relaxing and being bums too!

  2. Sounds like you had a nice weekend! I worked Saturday and then Eric worked the rest of the weekend. So, it was pretty low key. At least we get a long weekend out of town next week, can't wait!

  3. woah, that grad party for high school is crazy! If that's for high school, what's it going to be for college?! Love getting together with friends. The past two weekends we've gotten together with friends and it's so nice. Good way to end a weekend.

  4. Wherrre were you on the eastside??? Also...can we please plan a Browns game to go to? Maybe a pre-season one (warmer AND win for me!)


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