Vacation ~ Days 4-10

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I am finishing up my vacation recap today...hopefully!
By the time I get done writing this I may just stop on day 8 and leave the weekend portion for another day.
Anyways, let's get to it!
Click here to read about days 1-3.

{day 4}
We hit the beach until lunch time and then it was back to the condo for nap time.
This is what X did every day we were on the beach!

X's little friend was back in the condo when he awoke so they chilled together while watching cartoons and enjoying some snacks :)

We tried a place in Little River called Snooky's for dinner.
It had a great location along the water, view of boats, etc.....but it was mainly seafood :(
Not good at all for this girl.
Since I just had some spinach and buttered noodles (long story) I made sure to try out the Key Lime Pie.
I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but it was so good that I just enjoyed the moment :)
It was a perfect light golden brown shade, super creamy with just a hint of lime flavor. 
Tired little guy :)

{day 5}
It was raining in the morning and overcast so we decided to skip the beach and head down south to Broadway At The Beach.
It is basically another Barefoot Landing (shops, restaurants, entertainment) but more in the heart of Myrtle Beach.
While the older kids went to play putt-putt, we took X and to see the fish at Ripley's Aquarium.
He seemed to love everything but the underwater tunnel.
For some reason he has it in his head that sharks say "ROAR", so every time he saw a shark he would "ROAR". lol!

After seeing his little friend Crew with his hat on backwards, X decided to turn his around himself :)

We all met back up by the speed boats and decided to take a ride.
Thankfully, Mic & Brian stayed back with the little ones.
It was really fun!

We then headed to my favorite restaurant of the week...Villa Romana!
OMG! This is some of the best Italian I have ever had!
I loved everything about this place!
The service was amazing, the accordion player was funny, and the food was out of this world!
Highly recommend if you are planning a trip to the area.
Oh, and the Tiramisu that I brought home for dessert was heavenly too! :)

X fell asleep on the way home from the restaurant which meant it was time for some adult beverages and Apples to Apples.

{day 6}
After skipping the day before we were all ready to head back to the beach for the day.
We actually managed to get X to fall asleep on the beach under the umbrella. Meaning we were both able to enjoy the afternoon on the beach :)

For dinner we headed back to Barefoot Landing to Greg Norman's Australian Grille.
The food was just okay for me, but everyone else seemed to love their meals so that is all that matters.
Mic tried some escargot for an appetizer and X decided that standing on the chairs was super fun. #yesmommoment

After dinner we walked around a bit before heading to the Christmas Mouse to pick out our new S'mores ornaments.
Side note: Where ever Mic and I go on vacation we always make sure to pick up some new S'mores ornaments for our Christmas tree.

{day 7}
The little boys played with playdoh while the big boys
ran a couple errands. 
They were very nice and brought back some Starbucks and donuts :)

Then we lathered on the lotion and headed down to the beach for another day of fun in the sun!
My super creative friend decided to turn Mic, her husband, and son into a Mermaid/man family.

Dinner was at my absolute favorite BBQ place...Sticky Fingers!
We seriously need one of these up north!
Hey Sticky Fingers! Please open up a restaurant in Ohio :)
Preferably in Central Ohio ;)
Mic and I actually pick up sauce every time we are to bring home with us :)
We ordered some wings for an appetizer and X loved them!!!
He even taste tested all of the sauces (minus the Habanero)!
If you don't start singing after reading that sign I don't think we can be friends anymore ;)

{day 8}
Our last beach day felt like it went by way too fast :(
And I was able to enjoy X taking a nap in my lap. My heart melted :)

Once he woke up we played and played on the beach!
I tried to recreate his photo from his first trip to the beach as well.
Too bad I didn't realize my phone was cloudy until we got back to the room. #bloggerfail

For dinner we headed back up to Little River to a place called Patio's Tiki Bar & Grill.
This was the perfect setting for our last night of vacation!
We sat out on the deck under the trees and had a great view of the river.
There was live music, fun drinks, good food, and great friends!
Perfect evening!!!

{day 9}
We said goodbye to the beach from our balcony and hit the road.
X traveled really well the whole thankful for that!
Before finding our bed for the night we stopped at a K&W Cafeteria (one of our faves) in Asheboro, NC for some lunch.

We decided to stay at The Resort at Glade Springs in West Virginia for the night.
It was beautiful!
And surprisingly cheaper than staying at a Holiday Inn Express!
We grabbed some dinner at the pub and loved getting to watch TV at our table ;)

{day 10}
We woke up, enjoyed another yummy free breakfast, and then hit the road to Ohio.
We made a pit stop in Athens, Ohio to grab some lunch at Broney's Alumni Grill.

We found a Whit's Frozen Custard (LOVE!!!) shop there, as well as the only Taco John's in Ohio (let's keep it that way..please and thank you!).

Like any vacation there are things here and there that come up or don't go as expected, but overall we had a great time with our little family and with our friends!

And last, but certainly not least, my recreation photo!

Here is the original from when X was 9 months old

And here he is at 2.5 years old

Not too bad since he spent most of his time on the beach running or throwing sand!
And I love the fact that the swimsuit and top are similar in color from the previous photo :)

What do you think?


  1. I've actually had Sticky Fingers when we lived in Florida! SO good! And that speed boat looks SUPER fun!

  2. OMG, the mermaid/man family is hilarious! And yes, I totally sang after reading the BBQ sign!


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